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PFC Aloha is now LCPL Konnichiwa as he is off in Okinawa now.

I don't mind.  I'm glad he's on the other side of the world. Not that I don't miss him. I miss him.

But I wonder sometimes, "If he wasn't on the other side of the world right now...what would he be doing?"

And usually the answer is: Finding fault with his mother.

So, I'm glad he's over there.  His life is way more interesting than it would be if he wasn't over there.  I have no idea what he does there but it's better than what he'd be doing here that's for sure. 

"You should go visit him!" says Everyone who never priced out a few round trip tickets to the other side of the world. 

I pretend I'm going to go visit him in Okinawa just so I don't look like a jerk for wanting a new kitchen instead of wanting to see my son. 

He was just here visiting at Thanksgiving and we had early extra Christmas for him then. How much visiting can we do? It's not 1911, We are in constant contact. 

However, no one is allowed to call him.

"No one needs to talk directly with Max, ya got that?" I said to his Grandmothers.  "Anyone who calls him is going to owe me a dollar a minute. Text him.  and If I die, call the Red Cross and let them tell him

about it- it's free for them but you You don't need to talk to him."

What the hell do they have to say to him anyway?  It's not like either of them are doing anything interesting.  They call and ask the same questions over and over.

"When are you coming home?"

Where are you going next?"

"Do you like it?"

"what do you do?"

He got so annoyed with it--he forbid me to ask any of these ever again.  And when I get new information I have to write it down and refer to it on my own time.

"Mom...seriously, I told you this the last time we talked....ok...write it down now, because I'm not saying it again."

I was so proud of myself --when he came home for Early extra Christmas, I couldn't wait to show him on the refrigerator where I had my "information about him written".  

"Look, I wrote it--and I haven't mentioned this since."

When Max was home this last time, he only complained about one thing I did.

He noticed a picture of himself as a baby and asked, "Who dressed me?"

As if he didn't know.

I said "I dressed you!"

"Really Mom?  This is the problem."(Is it?  Really?  Is how I dressed him as a baby "the problem"?  God I hope so. Imagine if he completely forgot all the mistakes I made as a parent and he believes this clothing choice I made 20 years ago is the worst thing I ever did.  ) " Mom, A tuxedo?  You made me wear a tuxedo?! "

"It was your birthday!  You were cute.  and you liked it, you wore it all the time, in summer  You would go out to play in snow boots and a bow tie."

  He wore the craziest clothes.  I would buy him clothes but sometimes I would look out at him playing and realize his clothing was tattered  "He looks shipwrecked in the back yard...or  recently mauled by lions.  "


He couldn't deny he was a cute baby--he really was super cute. 

I thought, if this is the worst thing he can come up with after being home for 9 days....then Konnichiwa is running out of things to blame on me. 

When he was home, he was running around visiting friends and we would see him here and there.  About day 7  I was sitting in the kitchen doing some homework (I go to school now) minding my own business and he came in about 10 pm.  Then he started talking and talking and talking and talking and eating everything that was edible and talking and talking and talking to me about his life in Hawaii and he talked for  over two hours.  That was really nice.

When I went to bed my husband asked, "You two done making all that noise down there."

"Max was talking,"

"You were laughing so loud,  I could hear you through the floor,."

"Well...he's funny." 

And he is funny and I do miss him and I would like to go visit him--but I really really really need a new kitchen! 

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Comment by 1~17smom (Julie) on February 25, 2016 at 11:27pm

I love Michelle's comment:  "Oh, he's not a bad son--He's a Marine! "  Yes, this is the place where I met all my son's brothers -- they are all stubborn, they are all energetic, they are all clever, funny, passionate about something.  They can talk their way in or out of anything.  Our Marine has always been our Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows.  One day it's a passion for trucks, then it's drums, then it's dirt biking, then it was the Marines and *zip* he finished his senior high school in 3 months in Independent Study program because, all of a sudden, he wasn't willing to sit in a classroom for 8 more months with a bunch of people who had no motivation.  He needed to get ON with things. 

They are all so exhausting, and all so adorable.

Comment by raisedhimright on January 25, 2016 at 3:07pm

Wow, Michel, you really hit on the head!   I laughed so hard I actually cried!  Brilliant. Our Marine, recently returned from two years of singing,"Ooooookinawa where  the sun shines brightly every day" is off today (after 34 days of leave during which we saw him for  total of four altogether:):)! to the sunny shores of our West coast.  Lots cheaper than a trip to Oki plus you can afford a kitchen too:):):!!

God Bless and Semper FI


The proud Grandma of Cpl. Kevin

Comment by Cwcsg on January 22, 2016 at 8:42am

In a way we do - after all, the Corps is a family... for the Marine's themselves.... and for those of us who love them and find comfort & support through this site.

Blessings on your day

Comment by Michelle on January 22, 2016 at 8:13am

Deborah, I appreciate  you understanding the short leash I have his grand mothers on!  They didn't call him before he went to the other side of the world--why do they need to do it now?! 

And seriously, it does seem like we all have the same kid. 

Comment by Michelle on January 22, 2016 at 8:09am

Awww Cwcsg...thanks!  I bet our sons are a lot alike!  The thing I love about this site- is finally finding people who understand what I'm saying because they have a son like mine!  He wasn't like other sons in the neighborhood, or other sons on the hockey team --and when I started writing about him here, so many other parents would say, "He sounds like my son!"  and it finally clicked--Oh, he's not a bad son--He's a Marine! :)

Comment by Deborah on January 22, 2016 at 8:05am

How did we all give birth to the same children?   The thing I miss most about my little jerk is him making me laugh on a  daily basis. 

And what is it with grandparents and the phone calls?   Especially when they can't hear anyway??????

Comment by Cwcsg on January 22, 2016 at 7:19am

I love this!!! Thanks so much for sharing. As our kids mature into the Marine's they are meant to be it's OK for us to mature into being more than just their MoMs. 

PS- Your son sounds alot like mine :) 

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