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drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents & Families of Marines
"Thank you, Connie. How neat that we get to celebrate our grandchildren's birthday's on the same day. Eighteen months is such a fun age! It just so happens that August 3rd is my and my husband's wedding anniversary. Our first…"
Jan 28
1~Keri (HCC) liked drewsmama's photo
Dec 22, 2016
1~Keri (HCC) liked drewsmama's photo
Dec 22, 2016
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"Hi Ladies! It sure is great to hear how you all have been doing these past few months.  Great picture, Connie.  The little ones look so precious holding hands.  I last wrote about Andrew transferring from OK out…"
Jun 25, 2016
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"How wonderful that you got to spend time with her recently, and then those last precious hours.  Sounds like she was a wonderful mother and a beautiful soul.  I'm looking forward to hearing about the progress you are making with…"
Feb 10, 2016
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"Thank you for letting us know, Kathi. Birdie, I am so sorry about your mom.  Sending love to you and praying for comfort as you mourn your loss.  Hugs!"
Feb 10, 2016
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"I'll be praying that things will go smoothly for Brandon as well Melissa, especially that he looks to God for help with the stress of everything.  It's good that he's sharing that with you, though.  If my son was stressing,…"
Jan 31, 2016
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"Oh no, Kathi!  I'm praying for your mom and all of you.  Hugs!"
Aug 26, 2015
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"Hahaha, thank you Kathi!  I get chills just thinking about it.  This is not the first time God answered prayer for her in quick fashion. A couple of years ago she went to the ER for what was almost certainly a kidney stone. My…"
Aug 25, 2015
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"Congratulations to you Grandma's!  What a blessing!  My sister's two daughter's recently gave birth to their baby boys within a couple of weeks of each other.  Such a special time! Kathi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is so…"
Aug 23, 2015
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"It really does, Kathi. My heart hurts not only for our Marines, but for humanity as a whole.  I keep reminding myself and others that God is in control. Courtney had her CT scan Wednesday.  No results yet, but I don't feel the worry…"
Jul 17, 2015
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"That's just the best news ever, Joy!  It sure makes a mom's heart happy when she knows her kids are on the right track!  I've read through Psalms 91 several times today, and it has brought comfort.  I'm feeling…"
Jul 9, 2015
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"Psalm 91 helped me through Andrew's deployments, and now tonight I've read it over several times in different versions. It's such a comfort. Thank you so much for suggesting it, Kathi."
Jul 9, 2015
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"Thank you, Kathi.  I'll start now.  <3 <3 "
Jul 8, 2015
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"Thank you Kathi.  Through the tears, I'm feeling the love. Thank you for praying!"
Jul 8, 2015
drewsmama replied to knightmom (Kathi)'s discussion Verse of the Day..... in the group For Parents of Marines
"It's good to hear how everyone is doing. I'll be praying for your son's Sailor friend, Mary Jo. It's so sad to hear things like this after all our kids have been through. Connie, prayers for your expected grand babies and for the…"
Jul 8, 2015

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At 8:35pm on September 28, 2014, Iron~Mike said…


~  Hello My Friend Marla,

~  Thank You, for your much appreciated e-mail response.  I Remember what You have written, & can Understand just how Very Busy that You Must Be, this year. 

~  Hopefully, I might soon be able to write back unto You as Well.  The biopsy that I had told You about, is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~  I've been wanting to make a comment upon your 'profile' picture; ever since I had read your explanation about fromst where it came.  I have Very Much Admired it, with sort of a mutual parental Understanding  ;-)   Such a Cool Picture would be Very Precious unto me as Well  :-)  

~ Again: CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!,  upon your Great News with Drew !!!!!!! 

~  Respectfully Sincerely, Your Old Dad Friend, Mike  ~

Praying Often, for Everyone, Everywhere, & Every Need as Well  ~ 

At 4:00pm on April 12, 2014, Iron~Mike said…

~ Hello Marla,

~ I was re-reading in various places, as I often do, & discovered that I'd inadvertently, missed answering your question about: 'Buster' (Brown)'.

~ He, 'Buster', was 'Charlie's (Brown), "Partner in Crime", so-to-speak, aka: ~ 'Charlie Brown' And 'Buster Brown' ~ and/ore alias: ~ "Da' Brothers, Brown" ~

~ We'd bought 'Buster', the week afore I brought Charlie here from the Humane Society, on our way home from one of our 'visits' to to get better acquainted with Charlie. I'd said OK to Cathy when we met him, after having already seen a picture of 'Buster' with his BIG Beautifully Blue eyes; & even gave her half of the money to buy the 'widdle cutie uv a Bug'.

~ Buster was a 'Bug': that's a Pug, right-crossed with a Boston 'Southie' Terrier; fore Buster was Quite Pugnacious in his Very Active ways. We All LOVED Buster Very Much, he was Good to All of Us; & Especially Helpful with Charlie's Full Recovery. Always Grateful , shall I Be, for having had 'Buster'.  We/I, often Miss him, yet, we decided that we won't be getting another doggie {I'd asked Cathy & was told no}; being as Charlie is doing So Very Excellent now.

~ Unfortunately, early last year, as Buster approached almost 2 years of age; he developed terrible seizures. We Immediately got him extensive veterinary care; as we'd Successfully already gotten Buster through 'Parvo' as a very young puppy; including home administrated IV therapy {guess who imitated the 'Statue of Liberty' posture, when I got "Left Holding the Bag", He-He-He}.

~ Buster at first, seemed to Improve during 6+ or more weeks of medicinal therapy; then suddenly got very much worse. Theretofore, we took him to our other veterinarian for additional extensive care. Sadly, this time, 'Buster' didn't really ever recover {in spite of Charlie's Drs' Best Efforts}, & after another month+ of attempting to help save our widdle guy; we made the painful choice to have him put to sleep, because we couldn't stand to see him suffer, without Hope of any Real Recovery . . . .

~ I'm Sorry to end just at that point, but I can't write any further, because the screen went Too Blurry to see . . . . , again

~ Respectfully Sincerely, & Always Prayerfully, for Everyone, Everywhere, & for Every Need . . . .

~ Your Old 'soft-hearted' Friend, Mike

~ Always Faithful ~

At 2:52pm on March 3, 2014, Iron~Mike said…

~ Hello Marla,

~ Thank You for your return comment.  Jess received IRR status in December of '05, & his Honorable Discharge @ the end of 2008. The big stinker kept his ETA home, a Secret from our family, except for his youngest brother, Michael; & the 2 of them had Fun coordinating Jess's return arrival time to our house.

~ Michael let Jess know that his timing would bring him here to our home, after Cathy would've had to leave to report for her job. Therefore: Jess Adapted & Improvised to drive straight unto her job-site, & with the help of some of the other Nurses there, stayed hidden until Cathy arrived.

~ Of Course Cathy was shocked, surprised, & with Tears of Happiness flowing, Hugged the Stuffing out of our: 'First-Born, Male Child', as she usta call Jess, whilst he was away.

~ It was December & Cathy told Everyone that she couldn't have possibly gotten Anything Better for a Present, that year.

~ Recently Crystal & Jess, bought a house in/near Columbus, oHIo; while they both are working, & working to finish up their respective college degrees. Crystal is a Graduate Nurse working towards her degree(s) needed to become a Nurse Practitioner; & Jess is utilizing his Veteran's benefits, after having completed the 1st part of his education @ Toledo, & now @ Columbus is getting way up into further levels of Computer Information Technologies.

~ I must go for now, 'The Macarena' just came on my stereo, giving me a Nice Energy boost unto my 'Tigger Bounce, A-Go-Go'; & I've got lottsa things to do, places to go, & people to bother . . . . He-He-He

~ Respectfully Sincerely, & ALWAYS Prayerfully for Everyone, Everywhere, & for Every Need . . . .

~ Dad unto 'My 3 Sons', Mike

~ BTW: I Enjoy saying that Jess was 'Born to Be a Marine', in my stead, since his date of birth, & the Marine Corps, est the same; his birthday is just a Few Years Later.

~ Always Faithful ~

At 4:13pm on March 1, 2014, Iron~Mike said…

~ Hello My Friend Marla, & Thank You, from Iron~{'Always Room in My Heart for Another Friend'}~Mike;

~ Truly, I count it My Good, & Privileged Pleasure to Greet another Friend . . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Oh How I meRember: Beautiful & Sunny Arizona !!! From-st way-back-when I usta have 'The Privilege' uv moving my Mom & Dad back & forth; because Dad would be: 'Wintering' out there {as often as possible}, for his 'Arthritic-Old-Bones'. That 'Dry-Heat' Truly Did Help my Dad to Feel Better.  Always: Did I Dearly Enjoy a Road Trip, to help my parents, during the most recently past Millennium.

~ During my 1st trip out there to bring them back; my friend Ike & I, thoroughly Enjoyed the the Aromatically Intoxicating Breeze of some 50+ ore more miles, when many of the Orange Groves were in Beautiful Blossom, as we left Eastward Bound & Loaded Down, from Mesa, in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.

~ Up-on another trip, {outbound, with then 5 year-old, Marine-To-Be Jess, along}, after preliminarily settling my parents into their apartment @ Goodyear, AZ; Mom, Dad, Jess, & I, all went North-East up to my Dad's friend's cabin in the White Mountains, upwards through Payson, AZ & beyond & near unto Heber, AZ.

~ The Aromatic Splendor of 100+ miles of Evergreen Forest was Full in the Mountain Air; & on Such a Clear Day: that when we stopped @ a road-side safety pull-off about 3/4's of the way up, we looked back over the edge, & could Clearly See the whole of the Metropolitan area of the City of Phoenix rising up in the Distance.

~ I must needs to go for now, my wife, Cathy, has been Gracefully Patiently awaiting her turn upon our computer here. Bye until the next thyme.

~ Ever-So Prayerfully for Everyone, Everywhere, & for Every Need . . . . ~

~ Sincerely Respectfully, Mike,

~ Dad of Marine Veteran, Cpl. Jess, Born & Raised on a Street named Liberty ; O.I.F. I & II; 1st MarDiv, CLB 7 ~

~ Always Faithful ~

At 1:02pm on February 28, 2014, Iron~Mike said…

~ Hello drewsmama,

~ Thank You for adding me as a friend; thus far: my Heart has Never run out of room for another friend.

~ A 'light-bulb' moment question just occurred unto me, on this Beautifully Bright, & Sunshiney Morning; have I met you in the Marine Parents online chat-room before ?

~ It looks as if your given name might be 'Marla', from what I've read in some of the other posts below here upon your page. In times past, I have  'spoken' with a 'Marla' in the chat-room, est why I've asked this question of you.

~ Again: I say Thank You for adding me as a friend.

~ Respectfully Sincerely, Mike

At 10:45pm on February 26, 2014, Iron~Mike said…

~ Hello drewsmama,

~ I looked in upon your pictures & thoroughly Enjoyed them; Very Nice !!!!

~ Thank You for your Kindly Prayers of support, I Appreciate your Caring Thoughtfulness.

~ If you would be OK with it, I'd put in a 'friend' request unto you. Just let me know . . . .

~ BTW: What's your doggie's name ? ? ? I've got 'Charlie' he's a rescue from the local Humane Society; & he Really has 'Adopted' our family & me, Quite Nicely.

~ Respectfully, a Marine~Dad~Grandpa friend, Mike

~ Always Faithful ~

At 10:44pm on August 26, 2013, wellspoon1 said…

Thanks for reading my post "quiet pride of a MARINE Dad".. !!! Was a special night!!!!

At 8:33am on January 7, 2013, mmc671 said…

Hi Marla!  Yes Dylan is back in Okinawa now.  He has just over 6 months left in Oki and we are soooooooo excited to have him back in the states.  He is working with a Tiger Striped Dutch Shepherd.  It is an explosives dog and Dylan said she is a great dog to have.   I see a pic of where you got to have Andrew home for Christmas.  Congrats on that!!!  We did have Dylan home back in October but this was the third Christmas Season he has not been home.  So looking forward to next year and the possibility of getting to be with him!  Take care and prayers for Andrew and your family!!!

At 9:04am on November 30, 2012, MOMinMT said…
Nice to "friend" you :) lol. My son is named josh (Joshua)and is a field radio operator. He is just about ready to turn 20. He is my youngest of 3 so this has been a hard year and a half since he started his marine journey. What is your sons name? I will ask my son
At 8:11am on August 17, 2012, mmc671 said…

Hi Marla!  I wanted to check to see how you and you son were doing.  It is funny how God puts certain people on our mind and your son has been there for a few weeks.  Dylan is in San Antonio for K9 School.  We went and saw him a few weeks ago.  It was good to see him after 11 months.  He will be home for 30 days after school.  We will be thrilled to have him home.  Please tell your son to take care and we are praying for him!!!!


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