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LazyK-Chyn commented on TetsuDad's blog post Guilt Over Missing First Call From Boot Camp
"And so it begins a youn man following a dream, some might say a calling. A choice less than 1% of the population will make.  The goal, to "Earn the Title", to hold in their hand the coveted Eagle Globe and Anchor. …"
LazyK-Chyn commented on wolfdragon's blog post The Letter Lag Phenomenon-
"@joy IF you have the correct Company and Platoon that is all you need.  All mail at MCRD Sandiego is processed in a central mail room, street address is not necessary."
May 22
LazyK-Chyn replied to Bleddyn's discussion Just joined and eager to learn.
"Dianne what did "wolfdragon" say "Marines don't prepare for the unexpected, they train to control the unexpected""
May 17
LazyK-Chyn replied to Bleddyn's discussion Just joined and eager to learn.
""I am in a bit of a daze at the moment" Welcome to your new normal. And so it begins as it has for over 240 years extraordinary young men, and more recently young woman, answer a calling to be a part of something larger then…"
May 15
LazyK-Chyn replied to Bleddyn's discussion Just joined and eager to learn.
"Welcome aboard.  If you have any questions please as, the only silly question is the one that is not asked. Every member here has been where you are. There is also a "live chat "feature on the home page or look at the bottom of this…"
May 10
LazyK-Chyn replied to 1~Keri (HCC)'s discussion Anti-Tank Missileman: 0352 in the group MOS Occ Field 03: Infantry
"Should have no affect on pay. Pay is based on Rank(grade) and time in service(total time in the Corps)"
May 2
LazyK-Chyn replied to Taigon's discussion Ideas
"Many venues offer discounts to new Marine graduates, and their family's"
Apr 4
LazyK-Chyn replied to Preacher's discussion Recon Marine
"here is the best place for info. The discussion was started 6 years ago so the first page will be the oldest and most likely dated, the later pages will have the most current…"
Mar 27
LazyK-Chyn commented on Marine Parents Inc's group For Parents of Poolees in DEP (Delayed Entry Program)
"Make sure to take a belt. it the civilian pants have belt loops a belt must be worn. Even while on liberty they are still Marines and have to look "squared away""
Dec 31, 2016
LazyK-Chyn commented on Marine Parents Inc's group Boot Camp Communications
"@virtuous here is a link for the Parris Island boot camp face book groups. you will see Alpha at the top of the page"
Dec 29, 2016
LazyK-Chyn left a comment for Marineszebra
"you still around? "
Dec 5, 2016
LazyK-Chyn replied to largefamiymom's discussion son seriously considering joining the reserves in the group For Parents of Poolees in DEP (Delayed Entry Program)
"and so it begins, as it has for 241 years. The transition from mom to MoM(Mom of Marine). Keep in touch, and know questions answered or a shoulder to lean on is never more than a "mouse click" away. "
Nov 17, 2016
LazyK-Chyn replied to largefamiymom's discussion son seriously considering joining the reserves in the group For Parents of Poolees in DEP (Delayed Entry Program)
"I believe for many it is a "Calling". A voice from within . A desire/need to be apart of something larger then themself.  Those that "don't understand" never will. So don't waste your time trying to…"
Nov 16, 2016
LazyK-Chyn commented on Kevin143's blog post Am I being robbed?
""Been there Done that" I will say it gets better. Just not easier, because if it was easy it would not be the MARINES. Holidays are markers on the calander for the civilians. As military supportes we learn to celebrate in the moment…"
Nov 2, 2016
LazyK-Chyn commented on Marine Parents Inc's group For Parents of Poolees in DEP (Delayed Entry Program)
"Milimom2 don't fret Marines "adapt and overcome" anything you have will be appreciated and any meal will be better than a mess hall meal. Please pass on the THANK YOUs of the MFN Family"
Oct 31, 2016

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At 8:21pm on March 31, 2016, Marineszebra said…
Hey Lazy, hope I didn't catch you too late! My family and I got into Cheyenne tonight (moving to San Antonio) I was hoping to say hi!
At 2:29pm on February 5, 2016, raisedhimright said…

Thanks Rick, have a great day!  Mair

At 12:38pm on February 2, 2016, JAM said…

Thank you for being here!

At 4:14am on January 29, 2016, raisedhimright said…

Thanks Rick, Have a great day!  Mair

At 2:56pm on January 25, 2016, raisedhimright said…

Hi there, been a while hope you and you Marine are all good.  I am trying to find the questionaires for the recruits but no luck.  Cannot remember where they are.  Help!


At 7:46pm on March 2, 2015, Chel71 said…

Thank you for the comment on my blog.  I appreciate the quotes as well. 

At 10:22pm on January 24, 2015, Chantel said…

Please thank your son and dad for their service. I live in the same town as your son. Are you from this area? Thanks for sharing.

At 12:50pm on January 21, 2015, Iron~Mike said…


~  Hello Richard, & Good Morning My Friend;

~  Celebrate:  "National Squirrel Appreciation Hugging Day" !!!! 

~  Still Hoping & a-Praying, that You & All of Your Loved Ones are Doing A & OK, this day & Every day,  :-) 

~  Sincerely Respectfully, Your Old Dad Friend, Mike  ~ 

Praying Often, for Everyone, Everywhere, & Every Need as Well  ~ 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

~  P.S. BTW: About a month ago, from my family, I received 5 albums uv 'Easy Listening Music', for the holiday.  ALL uv them by AC/DC, including the song:  "It's a Long Way to the Top, If You Wanna Rock & Roll"; aka as my go to:  'Onda Git-Go, Mo-Jo'  song, for dealing wit:  'All-Da' Udder Id-Jits' ona busy interstate, whilst road-tripping ;-)  

~  Respectfully Orn-rily  ;-)  Mike  ~

At 9:48pm on November 19, 2014, sandyr said…

I am enjoying it!  There are days I don't even pop in.  My first emotion has been and still is relief - it was very hectic the last couple of years with fingers in every pot.  I'm still recovering.  With time I may stop in more frequently.  For now I'll wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving in case I don't see you!

At 6:00pm on October 23, 2014, likeamom said…

Thanks for the information about the address. I have no issue disregarding the address that the recruiter gave us, but I'm still concerned that the last 4 digits of the zipcode do not match the PLT#. 


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