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At 11:10am on May 29, 2015, 1~iansdad (Jeff) said…

I had to edit 1 of your photos and will be sending you an e-mail with more information. Save the edited photo (below) and resubmit it.

Jeff (1~Iansdad), Media Moderator - Marine Family Network; CPP & Big Move Volunteer. VPF of Sgt Ian, and civilian Devyn


At 11:23pm on September 30, 2014, Iron~Mike said…


~  Hello My Friend Karen,

~  May-hap, thet I missed something earlier during chat this evening; yet, as I normally do, I scrolled back through whatever chat history wast still available unto me, after I've signed out for the evening(s) . . . . theretofore, about the comment by someone else signing off for the night, on the promotion to SGT. :


~  Must go for now, to feed Charlie, & then walk him one more time tonight; afore we turn in, later on this morning.  We just had the Prettiest 'light-show', when an officer pulled someone over, right in front of our house; them Strobe flashy-flashy  Red, White, & Blue lights are Sooo Preetty . . . .  almost mesmerizing . . . . 

~  Sincerely Respectfully, Your Old Friend, Mike  ~

Praying Often, for Everyone, Everywhere, & Every Need as Well  ~

At 10:29pm on September 4, 2014, Iron~Mike said…


~  Hello Karen, & All of Your Family Too;

~  Just a quick note to Wish Y'all a Joyfully Happy, & Fun Family Reunion gathering; with Prayers for Safe Travels & Visitations for All, that shall be traveling to & from your family-time event.

~  Also: Hello unto Faith & ALL whom are with You over there as Well; with on-going Prayers for Safe-Keeping unto You, & Everyone with You . . . .

~  Respectfully Sincerely, Your OLD Dad Friend,  Mike ~

Praying Often 

for Everyone, Everywhere, &

for Every Need as Well

At 3:00pm on January 23, 2014, raisedhimright said…

Hi Karen,


  I was just re reading some of the comments about my blog on Oki and just wanted to say:  Semper Gumby strikes again:).. Our Marine is in Oki and loves it:).  Also, your girl is a real beauty.  Thanks for her service and yours.  Take care and stay well.


God Bless and Semper Fi




PMG'MA of PFC Kevin

At 11:11am on January 21, 2014, ElliJo96 said…
Dann wissen Sie ja wahrscheinlich was ich gerade durch mache..haben Sie Tipps? Lg Elisa
At 9:09pm on January 2, 2014, MamaG53 said…

Thanks for the kind words Karen, we're all in this together!

MamaG53 (Elaine)

At 5:31pm on October 28, 2013, raisedhimright said…

Thanks for the input Karen.  Semper gumby all the way.  Whatever the Corp needs, the Corp gets:).  Fingers crossed that you're right:).   Thanks to Faith for her service.


God Bless and Semper Fi



At 10:20pm on June 3, 2013, mbmsmom (Beth) said…

Great Pictures! and I must say she is beautiful! 

At 5:24pm on June 3, 2013, 1~sandyr, MFN VO & VPMM said…

Karen, I'm sorry about your blog being approved before you were done.  There are two of us that approve them.  We do see them even when they are workds in progress, but if it was left as you had it - not published yet, we don't approve them.  However, the other volunteer has never seen one that isn't finished and didn't realize that!  I'll let her know.  You can, fortunately, complete it - we have to read and approve it again.  It is good that you had as much as you did!

At 10:46pm on August 30, 2012, Iron~Mike said…

~ Hello My Friend Karen,

~ I scrolled back up & caught your note about the Prayer Shawl, with the 'Joan of Arc' & 'St. George' medal as Well.

~ I'm Sure that Becky shall Enjoy the Comfort of Your Thoughtfulness; and in being from Her Mom, She'll No Doubt Enjoy the Warmth of Your Love Felt by Her from You, as Well.

~ Thank You for Your Kind Words unto me in chat-room tonight. I Really Do Miss a number of My Friends, whom were Veterans of Vietnam & other conflicts as Well {my one assembly partner, on our/my old job, was a Veteran Marine of Korea (he's Still with Us), & longtime Friend as Well}; They were/are All Good Friends unto me, therefore Very Precious in My Memories of them All.

~ I think I've already told you this part before, yet just in case; My Mom's only brother, My Uncle Sonny, was KIA, D-Day +1. Of Course I Never met him, yet I have the Privilege in getting to Keep Care of His Purple Heart, personal hunting knives, & a Nice, 'Very Old', Winchester varmint hunting rifle, a pump 22 cal., & it's got an Octagon barrel, too. They were last made, was way back in 1915; & most of them had gone onto England for their target shooting galleries.

~ Again, I Thank You My Friend,

~ Respectfully Sincerely, Your Marine~Dad~Grandpa Friend, Mike

~ Always Faithful, in Praying for ALL . . . . . ~

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1~Faithsmom(Karen)'s Blog

My anniversary

Posted on August 14, 2014 at 5:05pm 8 Comments

I looked at the calender this morn and realized it was my anniversary.  Not my wedding, that is some time in May. Hubby takes care of that, This anniversary is mine. It is the day I left for Basic training in the US Air Force.

Actually it was the second time I left. I was to leave the day before, and made it to MEPS signed in all the paper work, got feed lunch then they discovered my physical was not valid. It had expired by one day .  My first dealing with military…


IM convo with kid

Posted on July 19, 2014 at 9:40am 2 Comments


I'm going to sleep because it's been a hellish two days but I wanted to tell you I love you and miss you.


I LOVE YOU i will wait to hear more and imagine the worst in the mean time. Praying for you.


Nothing crazy just work had been slaving me and I wanted to say I love you and miss you


ok, cause being a Marine that can mean lots of things. Like Iwo Ijma or Hochen of Crucible.

If you were a Valley Girl I would know it meant your…


Thrilling holiday news.

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 2:21pm 10 Comments

Faith is home for 3 weeks on recruiter assistant. This is wonderful and great but not the news I have to share.


While out and about on duty with the recruiters and others they wound up at the mall. Cpl Faith was sent on a recon mission with two new from boot Marines to find out if Santa was there. It is his busy season after all. Upon seeing the venerable Gentleman Cpl Faith made the command decision that they were to have their picture taken with him.  This would provide…


ha ha The old Corp

Posted on November 14, 2013 at 1:27pm 1 Comment

Old Corp humor

Lt. O'Bannon was sitting at a candle-lit table with a feather pen and an open ledger before him. He was recruiting the world's first U.S. Marine Detachment. The first potential recruit, whose name has been lost in antiquity, walked up and said, "What's the deal?" O'Bannon said, "Just sign this book, and I'll give you $5, which is your first month's pay, a bottle of whiskey and you're in. Of course you have to have your own musket." The recruit thought for just a second…


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