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1~17smom (Julie)'s Page

Why is there a 1~ in front of my username?

That means that I’m a volunteer at Marine  My job title is Chat Moderator.  My role is to moderate one or more of the nightly Chats conducted in the Chat Room, answer questions, share experiences, and ensure that there, like everywhere here, we abide by the military Operational Security rules and honor the guidelines.

Come join me!

Latest Activity

Debbie Perez commented on 1~17smom (Julie)'s blog post What's After Boot and SOI: At Least Three More Years . .
"Thank you for your response"
Jan 16
1~Keri (HCC) commented on 1~17smom (Julie)'s blog post What's After Boot and SOI: At Least Three More Years . .
"Most families who attend the SOI graduations live fairly close as alex2 has stated the graduation is short and the new graduates are moving on to their next assignment. I see you are following the SOI West forum.   In the welcome section,…"
Jan 16
alex2toes commented on 1~17smom (Julie)'s blog post What's After Boot and SOI: At Least Three More Years . .
"Debbie, graduation is pretty short. They have a very short ceremony & then everyone gets on their respective bus to their next destination. You will not have any time with them, there are no days off."
Jan 16
Debbie Perez commented on 1~17smom (Julie)'s blog post What's After Boot and SOI: At Least Three More Years . .
"What happens at a SOI Graduation my son graduates next week and i have no idea what to expect like how much time will he have off after graduation he will be stationed in camp pendleton byt u have no other info he graduates on a Tuesday will he have…"
Jan 16

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At 11:10am on October 27, 2015, 1~iansdad (Jeff) said…

I had to edit 1 of your photos and will be sending you an e-mail with more information. Save the edited photo (below) and resubmit it.

Jeff (1~Iansdad), Media Moderator - Marine Family Network,  VPF of Sgt Ian, and civilian Devyn


At 7:38pm on August 15, 2015, raisedhimright said…


   Hope all is well with you and the family.  I have changed my profile pic to our pride and joy.  Some things have changed since I was on MFN last (some home issues now almost cleared up thank God).  I see sandyr has left, hope all is ok with her.  I was surprised to see nanny retired, again I hope all is well with her.  So many new "faces", I am not certain if I can be here all the time as in the past but I will come on from time to time when I can.  We have our own page Delta 1069 9/13/13 so I check it when I can.  Anyway, just wanted to say hi and send best wishes to you and the family.  Take care



PMG'MA of Cpl. Kevin

At 11:36pm on March 11, 2015, Chel71 said…

Thanks Julie your comments made me smile.  My son has 3 months left on his senior year and needs every single class he is taking to graduate. 

At 7:08pm on March 5, 2015, Chel71 said…

Thank you for the comment on my blog post.  It's really nice to hear from BTDT parents!

At 5:25am on January 23, 2015, alex2toes said…

The one I sent to chat has a Rct. that was sent to PCP. I told her mostly the truth, that they would help him get in shape so he could finish Boot. I have a coupleof others I am going to send your way.

At 10:45pm on January 22, 2015, Iron~Mike said…


~  Hello Julie,

~  As per my usual 'modem' operandi, I scrolled back through the available chat history, & had a Better chance to re-read your one question about Data day, etc.   Very Much, didst I Enjoy your 'quick' response in how You asked me back about it; that made me chuckle Nicely :-)  Thank You, for trading some cute, fun wittiness-es with me; it also brings back some fond memories for me ;-) 

~  We usta have fun torturing the future Cpl. Jess with a bit of word-play in the style of the game-show on TV, called:  'Chain Reaction'.   It was part of our way to help keep Jess 'challenged' enough mentally; since he was inda 'Gifted & Talented' classes.   Early in his grade school years:  after seeing how quickly he became bored in Kindergarten, they tested his IQ ability; even during 1st grade, they sent him over to 2nd grade for a bit higher reading material(s), & found out that @ times, that wasn't always advancing him quickly enough, for Jess's capacities  ;-) 

~  Again, I just wanted to Thank You for such a Nice chat-room experience :-)

~  Respectfully Sincerely, Your Friend Mike  ~

Praying Often, for Everyone, Everywhere, & Every Need as Well  ~

~  P.S.  I'm on my way to look-up 'morgonomics' ;-)   He-He-He  ~ 

~  Sincerely, Your Silly Pal, Mike  ~

At 1:23pm on January 12, 2015, hundais2 said…

Hello Julie

I was on with mommahen but she had to stop not able to keep up with the schedule.  I am bummed because she was really good.  Now we don't get regular updates and that makes me sad.  I need consoling.  At least my son is writing.  I got about four letters.

Where else can I get regular updates on his daily routine.  Please help

At 2:51pm on December 29, 2014, hundais2 said…

Good Afternoon Julie:

I am just reading what you wrote to me on Dec. 16.  Thanks so much for your kind words.Sorry it took me so long to respond I am still learning to navigate the site. You have a way with words.  I have been feeling better.  There  are days like today when I feel blue.  I  was picking up some things in his room and thinking about him.  I know they can"t write often, but I wish I would get another letter.  I have written about ten. Anyway you are right.  I have to find ways to keep busy.  I am taking some classes for work. I was just waiting for him to leave so I could concentrate but I guess his leaving derailed me a bit.  I am getting back on track. Anyway thank you so much for taking time to console me I really need it.  . I have been logging in every day with my site person Susan and she has been great. So thanks again for all you guys do and God Bless.  Hope you had a great Christmas and have a very Happy and Healthy New Year.   

At 6:28am on December 16, 2014, hundais2 said…

Good Morning:

Getting  ready for work.  I   wrote another letter to my son this morning.  I am feeling really emotional today.  Trying to perk up before work.  I guess writing to my son did it.  I read all your stuff your so encouraging.  I just need a little encouragement today.  I got to go to work so say a prayer for me and my boy. have a     GREAT DAY.

At 12:22pm on October 5, 2014, tooproudmom said…

Hi Julie, I am 61 years old. I always thought I was a young 60is person, but when it comes to the new age of computers and technology, I am dumbfounded. Thanks for your help, same to Diane. James told me  he didn't need to go to the VA, he doesn't want the hassle. I will drag him there if I have to. Says he  is going online to get medical insurance for he and his son. He said he will just pay whatever he has to with his unemployment. Why are these young men so hard headed? (Well, my young man) I can only give him all of the information I gather and pray he can find the answers. Thank you again for all of your help, will talk here soon. Have a great day!!


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1~17smom (Julie)'s Blog

"Words, Words, Words . . .

Posted on February 1, 2015 at 8:30pm 20 Comments

. . . I'm so sick of words!" says Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady."  Those lyrics popped into my head during evening Chat last week, although they are completely untrue, at least for me.  I love words!  I subscribe to the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day service.  Every day, they send me a new word, show how it is pronounced, use it in several sentences, tell me  the first documented instance of it being used, and…


Is there a Deployment in Your (Near) Future? Let's Talk.

Posted on December 18, 2014 at 5:11pm 6 Comments

I'm the mom of an Infantry Marine son who had the "pleasure" of two trips to Afghanistan -- one in the blistering 120 degree heat of summer, and one in the -0 degree cold of winter.  Afghanistan, also called the "Stan," the "Sand," "Af-crapistan," and other things not suitable for a family network.  The deployments were radically different in more ways than the weather, and too much the same.  The summer one seemed made up of 13-hour patrols through dusty villages, nodding at locals who…


What's After Boot and SOI: At Least Three More Years . .

Posted on October 26, 2014 at 11:30am 21 Comments

I didn't trip over Marine Family Network until the last third of Boot Camp, so I just had to "fake it" through most of the early angst.  Lucky for my son, I didn't do anything completely stupid, other than send a really fat envelope stuffed with a long letter and way too many pictures.  Out of that boot camp faux pas, my son got a bit of extra attention from the DI, who did look over his shoulder at the stupid picture of my husband who decided to (for no reason I understood then or…


The Marines Got My Son. All I Got Was this Lousy Empty Room.

Posted on August 7, 2014 at 7:43pm 47 Comments

I've been talking to a lot of Recruit parents lately, and having "flashbacks" to January 2009, when we dropped our son off at the Recruiter station to be sent to MCRD San Diego via MEPS.  Seeing him walk away from me -- the little punk didn't even turn around and wave one more time -- was heart wrenching.  Getting the ever-famous "phone call" was a shock, because I didn't know that was part of the program (pre-discovery of MarineParents), and didn't quite know what to make of my son shouting…


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