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My son is leaving July 25,2011 for bootcamp.  I realize he is not actually a Marine until he graduates in Oct.  When do the medical care benefits he gets as a marine kick in, and what does that cover.  Our insurance renewal is coming up and we need to know if we need to keep him on it.


Thanks so much

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I kept my son on my insurance until the end of the year when he went to boot in May, and when it was needed, Tricare was listed as primary and my insurance was secondary.  If your Marine were injured or needed medical assistance while on a military base, then he would be cared for by military personnel with no charge to him.  If, however, he were injured or needed medical care while he was on leave, then he would be using Tricare as his insurance.  He is covered from the time he hits those yellow footprints for anything that would not have existed prior to his arriving at boot camp.



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So, is Tricare an insurance that the Military offers to them to buy?  Sorry to sound ignorant about it all, but I am.

Thanks for your response.

Hi Mamaofamarine,


Tricare is the health insurance offered as a benefit to all members of the military, including reservists, as part of their service package. It's coverage is worldwide and also is offered for military families. It's been around, in one form or the other, for around 20 years.


When one of my Marines was home on leave from Japan a few years ago, he badly sprained an ankle and need to make a run to the emergency room of our local (civilian) hospital. He was taken care of and presented his Tricare card as he was leaving. That was it. No deductible, no co-pay, although I understand sometimes there is a small fee at some non-military hospitals.


Hope this helps.

Like Double Dad said, its a benefit given to all military and families.  We have no copay/deductable for anything even off base doctor/hospital visits.  It is really awesome especially with a family of five!  No complaints about the medical care/insurance.  I've had some serious health issues and have been covered to go to some of the best specialists in the country and even reimbursed for my travel and stay to see them.

 Just curious. We were told by the insurance women at my husband's place of employment that my son was not covered on military insurance nor would he receive any other military benefits other than a paycheck until he graduates boot camp because he is not a marine yet. He remains on our health insurance. He won't graduate until after the first of the year. Wondering if we received misinformation.

That is correct, Mamma_Bear.  I too kept my son on my insurance until he graduated from boot.  If he were to be injured while at boot camp he would be taken care of by the Navy corpsmen on the base, with no cost to you however.  It's just a precaution, but the info you got was accurate.


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VPM of LCpl Sam, 22nd MEU (deployed)

Thanks. We also kept him on the dental as well. Took him off the car insurance for three months and put his cell phone in suspension. His bank account here we left alone and closed his debit card until he comes home and that way he can decide which to keep. Is there anything else I need to do? We did not get any information on a list of to dos and don'ts so we are winging it. Any info is appreciated.

Sounds like you've got it covered.  We all learned by winging it, until I found this site when my son was in boot.  It saved my sanity!


1~Tanya, New Membership and Group Moderator Volunteer

VPM of LCpl Sam, 22nd MEU (deployed)


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