This is the place to connect with other families in your Marine's MCT company. Marines picked up to start MCT training on 22 Jan., 2013 will be in Golf Company, Class 13-? (the ? class of fiscal year 2013). Graduation will be 19 Feb., 2013.

This information (start and graduation dates) is subject to change once more information is made known. I will update if necessary.

For more information on SOI please visit our After Boot website:

SOI West web site -

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Okay, so this is the discussion for our Marines arriving on 1/22/13 for MCT in San Diego!!?? So graduation will be Feb 19? So do they fly out that day or the next to head to their MOS training location?

Hi Marine Mamas/Papas! Mom of a, that is a good question.

Hi C.. here we are at the next stage in our Marines lives... lord give us strength! =)

I am guessing the graduation will be Feb. 19. As you can see from the graduation schedule, the 1/22/13 Golf is not listed ...yet.

This is why I added I would update once more information became available. Right now I'm going off of the MCT East schedule. Usually Marines from East and West graduate on the same day.

This is the MCT East site. If you click graduation dates, you will see the graduation schedule.


Marines graduating SOI travel on to their follow-on MOS school soon after graduation.



Thank you very much Keri!

Here we are, yes! I have butterfly stomach going on again... This goodbye will be VERY different..thank God for skype and phones when they get Liberty. He asked us if we were willing to move close to where he ends up getting stationed. We told him since my mom and dad are down the street and my mom in law in town, that the chances of moving soon are pretty slim.  My husband and I are also only children so the reality of caring for them is there .His younger brother also has 4 more years of school. Reality stinks sometimes! How are you holding up today??

MOM of a MARINE said:

Hi C.. here we are at the next stage in our Marines lives... lord give us strength! =)

Yes, this goodbye is going to be very different and difficult. At least with boot camp we knew where they were.. after MCT and MOS schooling no telling where they will end up. I'm very thankful that they can take their phones though. That's very sweet that your son asked if you were going to move closer to him. =)  I have the same sick upset stomach that I had weeks ago.. it's got to get better, right?

I agree, I'm very anxious for this goodbye.  I'm very thankful for phone/skype, etc, but unsure of when we will actually get to see him and hug him again :(  Trying to savor every moment and dreading next week :(

Your Marines can have their phones up until phones are turned in and they begin training. It is my thoughts you will not hear from them until just before graduation and even then if it is allowed by command. Stick close to the group here to get through the 29 days together. :)

The Marine Supporters groups are good to explore too, expecially the Parents of Marines. A lot of people talking, sharing and connecting in that groups.


When your new Marines leave SOI for their MOS schools, it does get a little better with communication. :)

Thanks again Keri. Not ready for all of this at ALL.

Hi Picurn.. I dont think we have talked before.. I agree with savoring every moment this week.

picurn said:

I agree, I'm very anxious for this goodbye.  I'm very thankful for phone/skype, etc, but unsure of when we will actually get to see him and hug him again :(  Trying to savor every moment and dreading next week :(

Hello all, take it from it from me it was very difficult saying goodbye to my son at the airport.  He left us on Jan 8th, off to MCT only to get there and was put into a holding platoon as they were so backed up.  I did get a quick text from him last night that he was finally put in a platoon and was doing  pt the rest of the week and will start with Golf.  It was an awful long week of doing basically nothing.  We hope to attend the MCT graduation, yes, knowing it's a quick one though if we get one more hug and seeing him it will be well worth it.


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