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Hello all! 

My Marine started his MCT this week on the third. It was hard to let him go from his leave, and I find myself already thinking up crazy plans to go see him a few months after he gets to his MOS school in Pensacola. 

I've already written my first letter...but I've heard many different things about what communication is like there! One of my girlfriends told me they could call every night at their 9:00(2100)pm and also during liberty on weekends. On the other hand, I've heard liberty and freetime is very scarce and not to expect much of anything.

I miss my Marine very much, and I'm being strong and thinking up creative things I can do for him now since he's out of bootcamp. Is there anyone with more experience in what to expect from this month?  

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My husband called every night for the first week of MCT for about 30 seconds each time, but then I got to talk to him a lot longer on Sunday...but when they're out in the field, don't expect to hear from him. Hope this helps!

ok- thanks! One of my friends told me her husband called her for 30 minutes pretty much each night- but then not on weekends. Maybe it evens out that way... I havent had a call since the one he gave me at his arrival in the San Diego airport, and I know his phone was dying...but I know he'll call when he can. What's the situation with phone chargers over there? Should I send an extension cord or something to make that easier? 

Rest assured, MCT is only 29 days. I communicated with my son in the evenings via mobile text/call as their days are very full. Go to the MCT Battalion page on Facebook and you can follow your sons unit's day to day activity. It's a huge consolation.

Congratulations to your son for advancing to this next stage in his Marine career.

My son completed his MCT and headed straight to his MOS. I did get to talk to him some while at MCT but if he is at camp pendleton, things maybe a little scare as they are in the field alot and will have some liberty on weekends and will either try to text or call when they can. I usually would text my son on Friday night or mid morning on Saturday to see if he was available. If he was he would text back or call me.  It is very hard to let them go once they have been home.  My son is now at his MOS and I did send him a care package with some goodies and it did not seem to be a problem. Also when he left here on Monday to go back to his MOS (Fort Lee, VA) he took his laptop with him and we have been able to talk on the phone in the evenings and weekends and also video chat.  It makes it easier but still hard because they are gone for so long. I am waiting for the next 7 weeks to hurry up to where he will be done with his MOS and at his PDS here in TX.

It all depends on who is in charge of them.  They do not have liberty every night and do not have the opportunity to charge their phones except during liberty.  There are only a couple of outlets in the entire squad bay.  Also, some cell phone service is limited.  There is a training matrix for MCT on the Camp Pendleton website that gives you an idea of when they MIGHT have liberty and would be more likely to call.  Our son was able to sneak out a couple texts, but otherwise had to wait until liberty on a weekend and those that got caught charging or using their phones when they did not have liberty had them taken away.

Hope this helps, our son graduated MCT on the 13th of December.

Dang- well perhaps I'll send over an extension cord. I'm sure his fellow Marines will appreciate that too!

"Plan for the worst, hope for the best" is what he told me. That's pretty wise.  

At least this time I know I'll be able to see him (skype) and hear his voice during this leg of the journey. I have no idea how long he'll be gone this time, so it's kind of weird not having a countdown calendar, whch is why I have to plan a visit! haha

I just gotta be strong for him! And hard things make you stronger. 

It's just so hard pretending to feel alright when he's gone. 

HCC_proud mom :  How do you find out which Bn they are in?  Do we have to wait for our Marine to contact us with that info?

Yes, you will have to wait for them to give you that info, just like we did in boot camp, however, they do not send letters telling us where Btn they are in or anything you will have to ask your Marines when they call you. Or ask for a text for the info where to send stuff to. 

My sons recruiter said to expext a call on Sunday with and address.  My son got there 1/3 and I think graduation is the 31st and maybe India Co class 12-9.  Couldn't tell you where I saw that and not certain if it is correct.  I can't wait for his call ...

If you look to the right of this page under Recruit Parents and the 'What's after Boot' drop down menu, you will see SOI/MCT. This directs you to another page which gives you the MCT information link giving you the address and graduation date.

Yeah, for the address all i'm missing is his platoon number and his battalion. I'll have soo much ready to send out for him come Monday! I wish there was a way they could've got it to us sooner cause there's really only two weeks that they can get mail since were delayed a week and Pendleton's mail is always really slow. 

Hello. My Marine just left to MCT as well on the third. It is very hard and I understand how you feel right now. My Marine told me that they might be on the field for 14 days and also that they might not be able to contact us as much or at all. I really hope that they do give us a call soon! If he left the third then he should graduate MCT on the 31 of this month. I just saw that on a website. I hope this helps and be strong.



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