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So you ask "NOW WHAT?"


Well this "Ride" some call "Recruit Parents Boot Camp" has been known to convert the most defiant into its biggest supporters. We call it the "Ride" because of the emotional ups and downs. Few of us would choose this ride but you do not have a choice your son enlisted, consider yourself drafted, or your recruit volunteered and you have been volunteered. I would like to share with you 3 simple rules for making it to September 6th.


1. This one is very simple. WRITE LETTERS lots of positive and encouraging letters, a recruit CAN NOT get to much mail. But please send only letters, news paper clippings, comics, letters from the pets at home, just send letters. All in plain envelopes for ideas on letters there are suggestions here on the boards under boot camp communications:


2. This is harder. Two phrases that will serve you well "No News Is Good News". This is a tough lesson to learn but will be your savior for years to come. Letters will be your only communication with your recruit for the next 13 weeks. Phone calls are a gift and should never be expected. After the "I've arrived" phone call, which some recruits choose not to make, phone calls are a privilege/reward for a job well done. The Marines have been turning recruits in to Marines for over 235 years so it takes a lot to impress the DI's and earn a phone call. You will get a phone call if there is a problem. So when you think you want a phone call do you? And “Semper Gumby” Semper Latin for Always and Gumby the flexible 70's cartoon character. When dealing with all things Marine, always remember, always remain "Semper Gumby"



3. At Marine Family Network(MFN) No one, let me say it again NO ONE rides this ride alone. Some days you will be in the lead car hands over your head YELLING OOOOHHRAH!! and just as quick you can find yourself in the last car screaming I WANT OFF. Well this ride has only one scheduled stop, so the only way off is for your recruit to graduate boot camp, and the quickest way is for your recruit to graduate on time. Your letters, support, prayers will help make that possible. Others will jump on along the way, a few will take side trips to PCP (physical conditioning Platoon) and MRP(Medical Rehab Platoon) but still "NO ONE RIDES ALONE"! Your Message board moderators, like the "Marines", are "the best of the best", each has ridden this ride and lived to tell about it. So pull up a chair, seat belt optional, grab a role of Bounty, because Kleenex will never do, and hold on, because the next, last and only stop will be the MCRD parade deck October 4th.

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Heard from the recruiter that my son is in this platoon. Thank you for setting all of this up! It had really helped!


I have just found out that my son has also been assigned this platoon so I guess we will all become friends throughout these next 12 weeks.

More than friends, 12B2P Vet, family.

And thank YOU for your service!!

I just got word that the letters have been sent out by the recruits yesterday afternoon so it should only be a matter of time before we all get something in the mail. hope this helps anyone out.

I received the form letter from my son today with his address. I'm so excited to start getting these letters in the mail to him! He is in platoon 2153 so I'm happy to be a member of this group and hope we can all get to know each other and meet in person on October 3rd!

Hi all,

I'm a Marine mom, currently supporting my friend, whose son is in this platoon! OOHRAH! I was in your shoes seven short months ago. My son graduated in December 2012. This is a great place to be...the moderators are full of knowledge and everyone can develop some great friendships forged through this shared experience!

It's great to have you, MALINMIT.  You can give insight and a different perspective.  Please help our Mommas by posting...please remember the guidelines.

Thanks, bustersbabysitter! I loved "chatting my way to San Diego" with the other families from my son's platoon...what a ride! It's awesome to have a veteran in our midst....thanks for your service 12B2PVet! Get those letters in the mail, folks; I always included a self-addressed stamped envelope and a few small blank sheets of writing paper in every other letter...saves them precious time! :) Also, don't forget to date and number your letters; it helps them, so my son said. Have a great day, everyone!

Can anyone please tell me what the exact mailing address is for platoon 2153.

OoRah to our Vet!!   Thank you for making our world safer.

Now for mail, do NOT send anything to your recruit until you hear personally from him.  Even your recruiter will not know your recruits address for certain.

I have got a letter from him today but the street is correct but the number is different from the one the SDI sent and the one the recruiter provided so I'm trying to find out which one is right.I did however get the correct 4 digit code for the zip code for him. Thank you for your kindness and it was my honor to serve my country for you and everyone else that supports our brave young men and women who have chosen freely to write a blank check to our country when duty calls.

1~bustersbabysitter (Pam) said:

OoRah to our Vet!!   Thank you for making our world safer.

Now for mail, do NOT send anything to your recruit until you hear personally from him.  Even your recruiter will not know your recruits address for certain.


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