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Shortly before my son's departure to bootcamp, I would like to put together a Facebook page that will keep his family & friends updated on his journey. I know that OPSEC rules must be followed for the welfare of my son & his fellow Marines.

For the most part, the page will mainly have messages to HIM which I will print out and include in my letters... I figure that may help some of his non-letter writing friends to keep in touch and provide him with additional support. I will also share summaries of my anticipated few & infrequent phone calls. I plan on sharing the videos available online that follow the typical progress of bootcamp so that those who care about him have some idea of what he is enduring.

Would it be against OPSEC to post his mailing address while in bootcamp? I know it will be inappropriate when he is actually out in the fleet... But since everyone in the world knows that their are only 2 Marine bootcamps in the country, and that since he is west of the Mississippi, he will be in San Diego... Just not sure if posting his mailing address would be considered a bad idea.... It would be the easiest way to get the info out to increase the amount of mail he will receive.

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If you post his address on FaceBook, make sure you keep the jokers well aware of the consequences of messing with your Recruit. And there is no reason that you cannot give his address out when he is in the Fleet. Unless of, course he doesn't, he doesn't want you.

I wouldn't post his address of facebook. There are too many that would find it funny to send items to him that would result in unwanted attention from the DI's. People you think would do such a thing, have them write to your son and then bring them to you to mail. Those friends and family that would adhere to the "rules" could simply message you for the address.

I'm with Kristine - good guidelines for Boot and the Fleet!  Also, once you share his address you've lost control as to who they'll share it with.  It could end up on a number of fb pages.   

With pride in and prayers for all who serve our country,

Sandy (1~sandyr)

Director:  Online Support Services

VPMM of Brian

I wouldn't post his address either! And I would be cautious as to who I give it to off of fb. Yes, there are the jokers who may intentionally do mean things but there are many who just don't know that almost anything can be fodder for the DI's and they may inadvertently send a package or letter that causes trouble for the recruit. To be quite frank, I would make the fb page a 'secret' or 'closed' page to assure only those you want to have access to it can. The DI's are capable of finding these pages when they are open to the public and just don't need any additional ammunition that could get posted to use in the process of 'creating a marine'.

My personal philosophy is nothing on the internet is private - even closed fb pages.  They can be hacked;  in fact, there are people whose job it is to do that...friendly and unfriendly.  Paranoid?  I'm not sure ; ).


That is scary...

F/B pages could be a place where friends can post & you could print those post off for your Recruit. I have heard of several parents who do that. Or they let their Recruits read the post when they come home on Boot Leave.

I would NOT post the address on Facebook either. Agree with above, there are the jokers and friends that would send things that could draw unwanted attention to you recruit. But the idea about having friends post and you print it and send it to him with your letter is a good one.
VPMM and poolee. :)
When my eldest went to PI, I told people to privately email or message me if they wanted his address. The people who asked for it were his tried and true friends. I would not post it on FB. As for friends sending FB messages, I would post on my FB page something like Rifle qual week, send him good luck. I could then print and include in a letter. Good luck

I have a facebook page and when a 'hurdle' had pass I would update my status to say: Update on Recruit....and give a small bit of info.

extended friends liked being able to see how he was doing.

When I would get letters to the 'family' I would scan them in and email to his aunts/uncles etc. so he wouldn't have to write to everyone; EVERY family member he had wrote him and ONLY his closest friends.

I understand the support you want to show during boot camp but as this is parent boot camp for dealing with a Marine think of your own words; You say "I know it will be inappropriate when he is actually out in the fleet... But since everyone in the world knows that their are only 2 Marine bootcamps in the country, and that since he is west of the Mississippi, he will be in San Diego... Just not sure if posting his mailing address would be considered a bad idea.... It would be the easiest way to get the info out to increase the amount of mail he will receive."

Think of this: If inappropriate when he hits the fleet wouldn't it be inappropriate when he is standing on those yellow footprints to be able to be in the fleet? 

If you want to increase his mail find out what friends HE wants to hear from and make sure they write. Make sure immediate and extended family have his address.


New Membership and Group Moderator Volunteer


I would never post my son's mailing address on FB, even if private.  I guess I'm in the "paranoid" group -- I know that anything on the internet can go anywhere.  No matter what guidelines you articulate, there is bound to be one yahoo who thinks it's funny to send items that will cause grief for your grief.....or your Recruit's address will get out to someone who is anti-military/anti-war, or anti-something and send a nasty judgmental letter.

I did something similar to the idea of "accepting" letters you could mail on behalf of his buddies.  All of them promised to write, none of them did...except when I ran into them, whipped a piece of paper out of my purse, handed them a pen and said, "Sit down, fill the page, I'll mail it."  They all did :>


My son told me aside from his girlfriend, to not give his info to anyone. He said that if family or friends want to write, have them give me the letter and I can mail it for him. 


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