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MOS Occ Field 13: Engineer, Construction, Facilities, and Equipment


MOS Occ Field 13:  Engineer, Construction, Facilities, and Equipment

Photo Credit: Official USMC Photo, 3/8/2011 By Cpl. Daniel Woodall 

Marine Corps Engineer School Training Command Camp Lejeune, NC

For Marines and family members with a MOS in Occupational Field 13: Engineer, Construction, Facilities and Equipment, on the OpSEC compliant, Inc. Marine Family Network Community.

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Welcome to the OccFld 13 Group!

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You need to be a member of MOS Occ Field 13: Engineer, Construction, Facilities, and Equipment to add comments!

Comment by alex2toes on February 12, 2017 at 11:19am

Hi MoM, this discussion might help you.

It talks about class length & what they will be learning. All MOS achools have a certain waiting period. There are things that a new Marine needs to take care of and this is best accomplished in the down times. He has some MCI or Marine net courses to take, there is paperwork, being accustom to being in a new enviroment and of course the gym. These weeks can be challenging to a parent because after the constant activity of Boot & MCT, your Marine will chafe at the relative slow pace of MOS. And you will most likely be the recipient of that chafing. Good luck.

Comment by MoM on February 12, 2017 at 10:58am
Hi all! My son will be completing MCT soon and will be going to Camp Lejuene for 1371 MOS training. Does anyone know how often the school starts? I'm just wondering if he'll be in holding there or if MOS starts right away.
Comment by 1~Keri (HCC) on April 6, 2016 at 8:57am
Welcome my3saints to this 13xx MOS forum. Do read through the discussions above. 1391 is Bulk Fuel. 1345 is EEO.
The 'needs of the Corps' may be coming into play here.. Semper Gumby. :)

My best wishes for your Marine when he does report and gets the firsthand information.
Hope your Marine is doing well PoD! Thank you for sharing!
Comment by ProudofDanny on April 6, 2016 at 8:32am
my3saints.....I took a look at the MOS schools at Fort Lee. You are right, I don't see 1371 Combat Engineer, so I'm thinking his MOS might have been changed to Bulk Fuel Specialist? Bulk Fuel work together with my son's MOS (Heavy Equipment Operator) and Comabt Engineers on bases at their permanent duty stations. My son was also meant to be Combat Engineer and was changed...I think that happens regularly. I hope you find out more soon!
Comment by my3saints on April 5, 2016 at 8:37pm

Hi all. My son just finished up MCT and is currently on Camp Guard. My question is this: He signed up as 1371 Combat Engineer, but his MOS school is at Fort Lee rather than Camp Lejune. I have looked online and do not see where Fort Lee has training for 1371. I am wondering if his MOS changed, but he was supposed to be locked in to it with the oppurtunity for EOD when he became eligible. Can anyone help me figure this out? I am so confused. My son did say that the list at MCT had his name, Fort Lee and 1371. Thanks in advance for any help.

Comment by 1~Keri (HCC) on February 25, 2015 at 9:43pm
Welcome MrsPDX!
Usually at MOS school, Marines get their evenings and weekends free. You should be able to communicate more now via phone or computer. You are kind of a ways away for a visit. Hopefully he classes up soon to graduate that much sooner so you can join him at his PDS.
This discussion had some good info. I think I saw where the length of the school is 7-8 weeks.

Here is the Combat Engineer Instruction Company website:

My best wishes to your Marine,
1~Keri (HCC)
MFN Marine groups mgr. &
mgr. of Online Support Services
VPP of Sgt..M - 1MEF/1LEBn
Isaiah 41:10
Comment by MrsPDX on February 25, 2015 at 3:10pm

My husband just arrived at Camp Lejeune for Combat Engineering school. When can I expect his first liberty to be? Also, does anyone if there is a matrix or even just rough schedule of the training he will undergo? I would really like to follow along and see what he is up to everyday. 

Comment by KeriandKevin on October 13, 2014 at 12:22pm

Just looking for anyone with a Marine at CHB MOS?  My daughter will be graduating in about 3 weeks (from tomorrow) and I was hoping someone would be on here that will be able to attend graduation and possibly give her a hug from her Momma:(  I miss her terribly:(

Comment by 1~Keri (HCC) on May 20, 2014 at 9:13am
Most Marines will report to their MOS school and wait and are usually assigned misc. duties (needs of the Corps) while they wait to class up. Each MOS may be different in what they assign Marines to do, whether sitting all day at a desk, doing nothing or assigned duties around base.
Waiting is a part of training too. :) Patience is a learning process.

My Marine waited (at FLW) for three months before classing up. He kept busy with guard duty, LOTS of PTing, taking MCI classes, doing maintenance, going to the gym, etc.

Each MOS school may be different about their liberty rules. Once your Marine checks in to MOS school, he/she will have a better idea of what to expect...Generally, Marines can leave base with a battle buddy for a certain mile radius and return at the designated time. Marines need to request special liberty for staying off of base.

Most will report to their PDS location after graduation, depending on the location within 24-48 hours. The exception would be if their PDS is overseas/Japan, then they normally get 7-14 days of leave.

Here is the FLW Marine Detachment site. 1345 -- Equipment operator is EEIC. Be sure to read through the previous discussion groups for 1345. :) Welcome to FLW! My best wishes when your Marines check in and get started on training. Congrats to them on their graduation from MCT!

1~Keri (HCC)
MFN Marine Groups Moderator/mgr
VPP of Cpl. M - 1MEF/1LE Bn
Isaiah 41:10
Comment by Janice Liscinski on May 19, 2014 at 4:31pm
Afraid I'm full of questions, too. My son thinks 1391 Bulk Fuel Spec at Ft Lee starts soon, I know it's 6 weeks and I think graduations are on Fridays. Does anyone have a recent grad? Is there any off base liberty? Will he leave the same day for his PDS, like at MCT, or will he have liberty THAT weekend? Thanks all, just want to see him while I can :-)

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