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Anyone with a Marine (past, present, future) please join the discussion group.  My son was the ONLY Marine from MCT to be sent here and it is extremely difficult to obtain info from him (as I hardly hear from him)  He will not start classes until  after the holidays (so if ur Marine is in the next MCT graduating class and assigned here - great).... We r like the "blind leading the blind"... LOL....  Would appreciate any/all help if ur son was or is at this school.....  As I can see, we r a select few....   :)

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Hi I'm also a new mom to this group. My son is new too so it's all exciting. My son has just started .

Hello All, our marine has been there at Ft Gordon since mid November.  And yes your right, getting infor from him is like pulling teeth.  Yet we were able to get him on a bus for Thanksgiving to see his sister in Hinesville, GA and working on getting him home for the holidays.  I'm a retired Army guy so I can help those through some of the military stuff. 

Ty stevemp210... it's great that u r a retired military guy and understanding the workings of their system... LOL.... My son was supposed to have guard duty on Dec. 20 and we therefore made his flight for the 21st... Now, he tells me that he has to clear out on the 20th (no guard duty)... I cannot change his flight as it will cost me $185... So he said that a few of them r going to get a motel near the airport and it will be fine...  Do u know who  the FRO is???  My son FREAKED when I asked him and told me not to contact ANYONE for ANYTHING!!!  Jeez....  So I guess that put a light under his butt and he's been calling and keeping us apprised on what's going on with things... LOL... LOL...  I am sure that "our" Marines know each other, b/c there are not alot of them there...

Your Marines are Marines now and learning to do all these things on their own. Sometimes it does help to give a nudge from behind just to get them motivated and moving. :) 

Although the Officer of the Day and/or the FRO are extremely nice and polite if/when a person calls, I think sometimes Marines may feel a little something from their Superiors when a family member calls, asking for information. A little extra PT will gets them communicating with home. :)

This is just my guess why your Marine would "freak" at the mention of contacting someone.

... Hope u r all as lucky as my family, as we r leaving soon to Newark to pick up our MARINE..  It's been a long day for him as he was at the airport in Augusta, GA for hours and now is in Charlotte awaiting his flight (which b/c of weather is delayed)... No matter, he will be here soon and that's good enough for us....



Hi everyone. I hope all the Marines arrived safely to their destinations. My son arrived early this morning and I feel truly blessed that he can be with us. I want to take this special opportunity to wish everyone a healthy and most importantly a safe happy New Year. It's wonderful to have my son home for the Holidays.

Hi all... Hope everyone enjoyed their Marine while they were home..  :)     I have very missed feelings as his time is winding down and he will be leaving on Wednesday (early am)...  I am thrilled that he was home, but his comings/goings was/is driving me crazy!!!  Since he is "on his own" now, he feels that he can just do whatever he wants, whenever he wants... Just like a college kid coming home...  I HAVE to remind him that he is in MY home and driving MY car  and "I" need to know whatz up from time to time (not too much to ask!!)  I do notice slight changes in him and it is sad... When I look at pictures the day he left for boot and of pictures now arriving home... wow, he has seriously matured and grown up...  :(

Yup they have certainly matured . I too have noticed a change. I suppose that at the end of the day we have to be grateful that they still want to come home so for me I'm just enjoying the time spent with him when he is around.

You are so right Grizzly! We enjoy any time we are given with our Marines, a few moments or a few days, any amount of time is special. You have all done well in raising sons and daughters who have become Marines!! We all have mixed feelings when it is time for them to return to their Marine life but we know it is what they must do. We take consolation in knowing they will return one day in their time, when they are able.


Many blessing to all of you for a very good 2013 full of promise.

So many Sat Comm parents now!  How nice is this!   When I started here six years ago, you couldn't find any one in Comm.   I hope your sons all enjoy Georgia!   My son partied well while he was there, apparently there was a Sgt at the time who made sure they had a good time off duty.   I am blessed that my son has been stationed here in NY at 6th Comm for the last five years, when he was not deployed.  If I can be of any assistance going forward for any of you, don't hesitate to reach out. 

eileeng:  Thank u... U still can't find anyone at Sat. Com - they r all at 29 Palms... LOL... my marine is waiting to start class as there are only TWO of them so far... He mite start on Monday and then have a crash course on what they need to no and then get put into a class with Marines that are a month or so ahead.  He's been there since end of Nov. waiting for a class to begin.  Came home for 11 days and is now back waiting for a class to begin.  He is getting anxious and bored.  It's sad that they just can't get things moving on quickly enough.. He is ONLY 18 so he cant go into town partying, etc., too young to get into clubs/bars, etc... so he waits... Thank U so much for ur offer and "I" will reach out to u if I have something going on... Where is ur son stationed??? At Ft. Hamilton in Brooklyn????

MattsMom, No 6th Comm has their own base at Flloyd Bennett Field.  No one knows it is even there half the time, even native Brooklynites.  Ft. Hamilton is the Army base in Bay Ridge, which is where we live.   So having the Commissary  there is a convenience.  Don't hesitate to message me if you need anything.   It is a great MOS and they do get to go to some intersting places other than war zones, although they go there too!  My son has done some great training exercises in Munich exchanging info with other NATO forces; Africa, etc... I remember this pre MOS training time as being rather testy on them, but once they become engrossed it goes pretty quickly and they bond.  Good luck and I'm always around.


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