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Hi! My son just finished his 0621 class and is now waiting to be picked up for his 0622 class. Does anyone know how many days the 0622 class is? Thanks!

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This may be a little late in answering the question but my son told me he got picked up for 0622 and it's 30 days. 

Thanks for this info Deeds, good to know for others coming on board too. :)
Deeds, my son told me yesterday that he's also going to be going to 622 as soon as 621 is completed. What's the difference between the two 1~Keri(HCC)?
0621 - Field Radio Operator
0622 - Digital Multi-channel Wideband Transmission Equipment Operator

See this what's after boot page for the additional FB pages for Field 06.


Field radio operators identify personnel who employ radio to send and receive messages. Typical duties include the set up and tuning of radio equipment including antennas and power sources; establishing contact with distant stations; processing and logging of messages; making changes to frequencies or cryptographic codes; and maintaining equipment at the first echelon.


The digital (multi-channel) Wideband. transmission equipment operator identifies those Marines who are qualified to install, operate, and maintain at the first echelon, the multichannel media equipment and AN/MRC-142.

Here's a question... Will the ones going to 0622 graduate from 0621 then also graduate from 0622? I asked the son but he's is unusually quite about the whole thing. He gave me the description like alex2toes did above and but that was it. He did say he will be staying an additional 30 days for 0622. 

Can't answer that. It would seem to me that the beginning of 0622 must mirror 0621 & they run the classes together. There has been rumor for several years now that 0621 was going to be discontinued. Never know what is what until it happens.

There may have been confusion with the 0612 MOS, Field Wireman which some member's Marines stated was going to be phased out but could only be rumor. If it's not down in writing, it's only rumor.
Probably a little late here but yes, there are two separate graduations for the two: 0621 and 0622. According to My Marine, he will be graduating 15 JUL from 0621 and will have a two week waiting period. Then he will start 0622 and this class is about 30 days. During the wait period before the new training, he will found out his PDS.

Thanks for the information. My Marine graduated yesterday from 0622. When he graduated from 0621 they started classes for 0622 the following week so there was no wait time for him. He said it was pretty easy, easier than 0621. While he was in 0621, they changed his orders two or three days before graduation to include 0622 so there was a scramble to cancel flights, plans, ect. It's been a roller coaster for sure. 


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