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Hi all :) My boyfriend is currently at MCT for 28 days and afterwards he will head to 29 Palms for MOS school. I've been trying to do a lot of research about the field, however I have had little luck. Can someone please give me a little more incite about this MOS. How long is the schooling? I heard communications MOS schools are normally backed up. Can you still communicate with them through MOS, and is it better than communication at MCT? Any information will help. Thank You so much in advance

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If you are sending packages be sure it's nothing you won't mind if it's lost from previous discussions I've read.

Keep in mind too they share a room and there is not much space.

When my son went through this MOS, he got his own mailbox. That way he had easier access to his mail. Since the post office has the same hours as the classes do, it can be tricky getting your mail using the generic address. It is doable, they just have to eat their lunch like they are back in Boot & double time it to the Post Office. Big boxes would suck because you would need to carry that back to classes. Being late to class is not an option.

When I would mail him something, I would give mine a quick text that I had put something in the mail & that he should be on the look out for it in about 3-4 business days. Worked pretty well, we never lost a thing.

My son has given me three different addresses to mail things to him. So far, I have sent letters to each address (I update my address for him from his mail I receive) and one box of goodies. So far he has received them all. I also send him a text telling him it's on it's way so he can be looking for it. There's times I wonder if he even knows where he is.... Lol..

That's great Deeds, as long as he has received everything. When mine was at his MOS (FLW) I included everything in the address.
I don't think our Marines think too much about an address but they sure do love the goodies that are sent. :)

Had a long talk with my son last night and explained that there was not much information on MOS 0621 and he agreed. He went into one of his "educational" lectures of the different things they are doing. Of course it all sounded like code to me, listing the names and number of the various equipment and parts they are learning to work with. My dad is a HAM radio operator so some of it sounded familiar but after about 2 minutes my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and I caught myself nodding off!! I think that may be why there is not much information out there. It sounds pretty technical. 

Today they are going to be putting a zillion ft antenna up that he was describing to me but for some reason I didnt retain it. (Might be why I never followed in my dad's footstep of HAM radios) This antenna will withstand winds up to 90 MPH. Pretty impressive. (He was telling me it's been really windy there the last day or two). 

They had one of the biggest test there yesterday and he said everyone did pretty good. He had a name for the test too but he just went on talking like I knew what it was. I have a new found respect for each of the Marines learning this skill because I would not have lasted 15 minutes. Phew!! Just the names of the things.. I would get the 2 meter gizmo mixed up with a 6  megahertz dilly and poof! No communication!! I'm tipping my hat to all of those that can understand any of it!!!

That is pretty good and so funny 

my son is also in that field but not much communication either 

glad you had a good talk with your son 


Deeds, I am tempted to send your story to my Marine, he'd get a kick out of it.

So here is the layman's version: The Radio Operator is given a series of frequencies that the different members of their operations will be sending/receiving at and it is his job to ensure that the Commands can get in touch with each other.

That Antenna? My son was assigned to a Comm. Bn in Okinawa. He got to his PDS in may, which is their rainy season. He & the other newbies got to erect that antenna in a downpour. Good times. lol

Hahaha! Deeds, I love it! I was trying to explain this to my husband yesterday and I could actually see his eyes lose focus as I was talking. I had found a YouTube video of a crew learning to put one up!


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