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Son is at boot camp now on an intel contract. His recruiter said that it was very likely that he would get assigned to the language school. I realize that until the Marines tell him, nothing is for sure, but a couple of questions. At what point do they learn where they will go after MCT? And if he is going to Monterey, would he go there from MCT or would he go to Dam Neck first? Thanks.

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If he ends up landing a 26XXs language MOS, he will go directly to Monterrey after MCT. The DLAB is a test that is required first. Perhaps he's already taken it? If he goes to Monterrey, he will then go to Goodfellow in TX to finish the second school, ( also where other 26XXs MOS school, and also fire fighting 7051 a non security clearance MOS) Only the 0231ers of Intel go to Dam Neck VA. I have two sons, one in 0231, and the other in 2651, if I can help in any other way please let me know.

Thank you. Yes he already took the dlab and qualified for all the levels, which is why his recruiter thought they would send him to Monterrey. So it is basic, then mct, then Monterrey then goodfellow? How long is Goodfellow? As I understand it, if he doesn't get this path his after MCT possibilities are Ft. Belvoir, Dam Neck or Pensacola. Any other possibilities right after MCT? Thanks so much.

The Signal Intel school at Corry Station in Pensacola has moved to Goodfellow, so. to my knowledge there is no more intel in P'cola. The curriculums at Monterrey are very long, up to a year or so. If he does that, and then goes to Goodfellow after, its about 6 to 8 weeks, plus the time before waiting to class up. I cant remember at the moment with intel MOS is at Ft Belvoir.. If he does 0231 at Dam Neck, its about 3 to 4 months. There are also a few MOSs he can do later if he decides to re enlist, but they are more like follow on MOSs, or secondary school like. (those are topical imaging, and satellite imagery I think) My second twin, the one who went to Goodfellow, was supposed to be at DLI but they changed his MOS mid boot camp. So there are always many opportunities "needs of the Corps" will always be their decision making guide ;)

Ft Belvoir is spatial mapping (GIS). While my son has experience in that and likes it, he hopes not to get that as we live close by and he would like to see someplace different. Too bad Pensacola is off the list- love the beaches near there!

Thank you so much. One last question- when will he find out which of these he is scheduled to go to?

That could be anytime between now and the third week of MCT. Sorry, wish I could tell you different. They most likely will try to have it determined by the 7th or 8th week of Boot, but I have seen changes happen to folks, some even at the end of MCT. Sometimes if one doesnt do well in one MOS, they can make a lateral move to another more suited MOS. Several guys who were schooling in P'cola in the aviation departments, got switched to fire crash rescue. Which is not an easy MOS physically, but not as difficult academically like the aviation MOSs can be. Although the Corps is not obligated to, they will do their best when possible to match a recruit up to the best fitting MOS possible according to their strengths, and the Corps needs of course ;)


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