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Alpha Company MCRD SD, Grad. Apr 7, 2017 (ship Jan 9, 2017) -- Grad. Aug 4, 2017 (ship May 8, 2017)

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Welcome to PHASE II! Training week 5 and the 6th week of boot camp.
You all are doing so well!

This also marks the beginning of “Grass Week" at the rifle range.

The rifle range is located at Camp Pendleton and this is where your recruit's will be for the next 3 weeks.
Your letters home will slow down. If the DI's go and pick up mail, then they will receive letters from home otherwise the mail will be waiting for them when they return the MCRD.
So... keep writing!
Part of training in week 7 -- Recruits are learning fire team employment in offensive and defensive postures including hand and arm signals, land navigation both day and night, IED detection techniques, cover and concealment.
Keep in mind that all of this training your recruits will use during the Crucible.

Day by day you're getting closer to family day and graduation!
Here is one important link with a schedule of events:

And this group with lots on info on family day and graduation from what to wear to lodging and much more!

Keep those letters flowing... !
This was week 8 --


here is week 9:
Obstacle Course Circuit Course and Sprints
Combat Conditioning Course
6 ½ Mile Run
2nd Uniform Fitting
7 Mile Hike
This is the week of uniforms and gear maintenance and also a good time to write about all those bags he will be bringing home and to bring an 'extra' bag for those clothes worn to receiving which have been in storage all this time. You can imagine their condition (and smell). :)
Bring civilian clothes keeping in mind your recruit has most likely lost weight. Your recruits may want to go shopping for clothes as their style of dress may have changed.

All something to include in your next letter.
Week 10:
Final Drill MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) Final PFT
Practice Test
Sato Travel (Your recruits may have already called home this past week to get their flights taken care of).
Rappel Tower
Company Commander’s Inspection

Team week tends to begin Phase III:

Online Platoon videos may be available... watch for them! :)
More prayers...

The Meaning of "Crucible"

A Dad’s Crucible Prayer.


I am There, with You
In the Dust, and The Fray;
I am there with YOU, My Child,
As I am Each and Every Day.


See more.....

A Moms Crucible Prayer.

Did You Know When you awoke this morning to begin the crucible

Did you know I walked every step with you that was possible?

When you humped all those miles over rough terrain,

Did you know I was by your side again?

~Janet Butterworth-Caldwell


see more....

A Mother's Prayer

As you awake this Thursday morning with the crucible ahead,

Your dad and I will wake up too, and kneel beside our bed.

You’ll start your day with guns and gear, and be ready for the worst,

But we’re praying that God’s armor is the one you’ll put on first.

see more....

Marine adapts, overcomes challenges to earn title Marine

By Sgt. Benjamin E. Woodle | Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego | May 1, 2015

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego -- When faced with a challenge, one has the option to stand still and be defeated or to push forward, adapt and overcome. One determined Marine of Platoon 1007, Alpha Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, never stopped pushing forward through the obstacles of his life and the journey to earn the title United States Marine at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

To continue reading:
Welcome new recruit families!!

About the first phone call:

Your 13 weeks is beginning! The phone calls should start on late evening/night. Your recruits will be in GOOD HANDS... no need to worry.
Share a comment here when you get your phone call. We're in this together and we're glad you've found the group!

Read more:

The Receiving Phase begins as the new recruits are on the bus en route to the Depot. They are greeted by a drill instructor, who acquaints them with the Uniform Code of Military Justice, to which they are now subject.

Keep your phones close tonight!!

This is what the phone call will sound like.

My son just shipped out yesterday.  I have been looking around at all the resources online and it is all extremely helpful.  I saw a calendar for Parris Island but not one for San Diego.  Is there a calendar of the activities they are going through that we can follow?


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