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6th Annual Warrior Games Set for June

Posted on March 23, 2015 by Katie Lange
By Katie Lange
DoD News Social Media

Dates for the 6th annual Warrior Games have been announced, which means those who were picked to take part are probably about to ramp up their training.

The Defense Department, which is now organizing the event, announced last week that the games will run from June 19-28 at Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. It’s a change from the former venue, which was the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Sergeants see best promotion outlook since drawdown began

By Derrick Perkins, Staff writer 11:58 a.m. EDT May 26, 2015

The Marine Corps will likely promote more than 4,000 sergeants to staff sergeants this year, the highest number since before the start of the drawdown.

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Heartbleed and beyond: Marine Corps ‘cyber range’ trains to fight off hackers

Story by Dan Lamothe July 8, 2015

A virtual training range developed for the Marine Corps to prepare troops for cyber operations has been adapted to do everything from prepare for offensive actions to secure networks defensively against hacking threats like the Heartbleed security bug, Marine officials said.

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Challenge coin collection represents career for PMO Officer

By Cassandra Brown | Marine Corps Base Quantico | July 8, 2015

Marine Corps Base Quantico -- Given through a covert handshake, challenge coins represent great respect in the military.

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Summer leadership academy to be held at Quantico

By Steve Kim | Marine Corps Base Quantico | July 15, 2015

Marine Corps Base Quantico --
“I gained leadership training, fired a rifle in a simulation and visited the White House, what did you do this summer?” The United States Marine Corps Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy begins next Monday. The program is a free week-long event for rising high school juniors and seniors. The academy will focus on instilling three pillars of development: character values, leadership traits and high ethical standards.

Approximately 150 high school students from all over the country will participate in the community outreach program. The academy will focus on both physical and academic activities.

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Last CH-46 pilot to enter Corps takes final flight

By Steve Kim | Marine Corps Base Quantico | July 24, 2015

Marine Corps Base Quantico -- On July 15, The last CH-46 pilot to enter the Marine Corps took his final flight here on July 15, as both he and the air frame are set to retire from service.

Maj. Gen. took his final flight in his 35 years of service at Marine Corps Base Quantico. This coincides with the retirement of the CH-46 helicopter, which will be retired from the Marine Corps inventory at the end of this fiscal year.
Video: The 240th Marine Corps Birthday Message

Courtesy video, (U.S. Marine Corps courtesy motion media/Released):
Date Posted:10.23.2015 6:26PM

Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Robert Neller and SgtMaj of the Marine Corps Ronald Green speak to Marines and Sailors about our history, esprit de corps and "The Legacy Within."

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Dress blues from the 1920s shed light on the inter-war years aboard Quantico

By Adele Uphaus-Conner | Marine Corps Base Quantico | November 5, 2015

Marine Corps Base Quantico -- Wally only remembers seeing his father Waldemar in his Marine Corps dress blue uniform once. He was a young boy watching his parents dress for a Halloween party.

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Marine honors fallen friend with 'Malcolm 200' bike ride


QUANTICO, Va. (ABC7) -- On this Veteran's Day, US Marine Corps Major Matthew Kutilek got up at 3 to ride a bike 200 miles all in honor of his friend and fallen Marine, Lt. Dan Malcolm, who was killed by enemy sniper fire on November 10, 2004 when the two were serving together in Fallujah.

For the second year in a row, Major Kutilek organized the "Malcolm 200", a 200-mile journey. A group of about 20 cyclists traveled 11 times around a 17-mile loop inside Marine Corps Base Quantico at a speed of nearly 18 miles an hour, "This is the least we can do for guys like him who sacrificed and gave their lives in defense of our country and what better thing to do on Veteran's Day as well."

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Lyman family donates plaque in memory of Maj. Gen. Charles H. Lyman

By Jeremy Beale/Staff Writer and Valerie O'Berry/Editor | Marine Corps Base Quantico | March 16, 2017

Marine Corps Base Quantico --

Tucked within 65,000-acres of Marine Corps Base Quantico sits Lyman Park, a residential community of Lincoln Military Housing, with a long, rich history, which includes how it got its name.

Retired Marine Col. Charles H. Lyman IV, joined by his wife Betsy Lyman, recently visited Lincoln Military Housing to dedicate a plaque in honor of his late grandfather, Maj. Gen. Charles H. Lyman II, for which Lyman Park neighborhood was named. Lyman IV’s intention in giving the plaque to the housing community was to commemorate his grandfather’s career in the Marine Corps and let people know how Lyman Park got its name. Lyman IV said the idea has been years in the making and he presented the plaque at this time in honor of what would have been his father’s 100th birthday and 100 years of service in the Marine Corps by the Lyman family.

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Corporals Course visits Yorktown Battlefield

By Jeremy Beale/Staff Writer | Marine Corps Base Quantico | April 18, 2017

Marine Corps Base Quantico -- By participating in a Professional Military Education exercise recently, approximately 70 Marines from Marine Corps Base Quantico Corporals Course 2-17, traveled to Yorktown, Virginia and stood on the same battlefield in which their predecessors once fought to earn the freedoms which many American’s enjoy today.


The purpose of the event was to educate the junior noncommissioned officers (NCOs) from Corporals Course Class 2-17 on the rich military history of the Battle of Yorktown during the Revolutionary War, thus shaping their leadership capabilities.

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