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There are a few of you who were on the other site that used to like reading the 'Verse of the Day'.  It was an idea that God gave me in January I believe to keep me in His word and at the same time to share a verse with other parents each day.  I have enjoyed doing that and would like to continue it here......I usually will post one each day Mon-Fri and usually in the morning.  Sometimes I get a chance to do so on the weekends, but I am not always able to find that time on the computer so easily, but sometimes I may suprise you.  I hope to be as faithful as the good Lord allows and post what he has 'sent' me for that day.  I hope it brings comfort, peace, strength, and build up our faith and trust as well.  I get especially excited when I find one for me AND my son in the same verse and enjoy passing it on to him...kind of a 2 for 1 deal :D !  So starting tomorrow Morning, will be posting our verse of the day.  God's peace to each of you~


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Melissa, thanks for the update and good report on both of your sons.  You and Connie have more patience and trust than I do.  Girlfriends, fiances and ex-wives.  Relationships are complicated!  What I understand from my husband, who has had one conversation with our son, is that he did not want me to contact his (soon to be ex) wife and then thought that we got together behind his back.  Not so--they came so I could see my granddaughter on my birthday, since he had changed the day he was coming.  Because I saw them, he didn't come on the day he said he would.  I was deeply hurt but am past that now, as I just want to be reconciled to him. They were together for 14 years, married for 11, and she is like a daughter to me.  She is now living with another man and my son is living with his new girlfriend whom I've met twice.  He has met with a lawyer to finalize the divorce (they've been separated for two years) and is working on a parenting plan for their daughter who is now 8.  I want him to be happy, I want what's best for my granddaughter, and I hope to be able to have a relationship with my daughter-in-law too.  This unusual behavior from him could be coming from the new girlfriend or on the advice of the lawyer?  I don't know!  He's never done anything like this before.  I keep giving it up to God and am giving my son lots of space.  He has never been good at keeping in touch, but he's always been kind and is a great dad to his daughter.   "Life is complicated but God isn't confused with all this.  What a blessing to be able to trust Him."  Thank you for your words of wisdom and your prayers.  


Hello Prayer Warriors,

Lion Heart Heroes Foundation has some praises and prayer requests!  Praise: we had our first 'event' and donated an AED to Naval Station Everett.  DVIDS covered the ceremony and wrote up a little article about it!  Our next event is on Wednesday, March 8th.  We're partnering with the Nick of Time Foundation to bring cardiac screening to the high school where David was in JROTC.  We are hoping to screen 500 kids, but as of last Tuesday, only 150 had signed up.  My hubby and I have been hitting up the Marine recruiters, local high schools, Boy Scouts, etc. to get other people to bring their kids to get their hearts screened with an ECG.  The JROTC group is required to come!  Pray that we fill to capacity and that we find any problems that need to be found.

We've gotten great coverage about the screening in the local paper, we've run into the right people at the right time, it's kind of amazing to see God working beyond what we are able.  My biggest prayer is still for a breakthrough in the military MEPS organization so that they start screening every recruit with ECGs.  Our contact in the Navy has gone silent....

On a more personal note, my other son Thomas still is not speaking to me after the fiasco that was my birthday.  He has made it clear that he'll let me know when he's ready to reconnect.  Waiting is very hard, and I'm thankful for the foundation to keep me distracted from the sadness of a broken relationship with my son.

How are you all doing?

Birdie (Laurie)

Prayers to your Birdie for a successful event with Nick of Time; 

Prayers for your your relationship with your son to be restored. 

Congratulations on the article in the DVIDS. 

I am working on the prayer list today. 


Thank you for sharing about your foundation.  You have accomplished remarcable things through it.  How exciting for the upcoming screenings.  Will pray that many show up.  Glad for the good press about it.  

How I feel for you regarding your son.  There are probably many more serious issues going on in his heart than  

he is willing to address.  I am glad that you have your is good for all of us.  I threw myself into long days teaching and preps for classes when going through all the stress with Joshua.  We will pray your sons heart will truly be touched by the Holy Spirit.  You are correct to call us prayer warriors because it is a war on for the souls of our children.  I have been so influenced by the movie The War Room and Bible study that I did as a follow up.  We must put our armor on daily and pray grace and mercy over our children for God to protect them from Satan's attacks.  He is our enemy not other people. I must remember that as Joshua's ex wife has been difficult lately to Joshua's new wife.  I try to be a sounding board and pray for her.  God is working in her life but it is hard for her to deal with the situation alone during hubby's deployment. God knows all hearts...our role is to be prayer warriors and let God do his job.  So thankful we know Him.  Psalm 37:7 is good was reminded of it today.  Pray all you moms out there are blessed today.


Psalm 37:7New International Version (NIV)

"Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes." 

Thank you for that verse, Connie, and for sharing wisdom from your heart and your experience with Josh.  I too have been influenced by the movie, The War Room, and I use the app to keep track of prayer requests on my phone.  But I need to pray more, especially for Thomas and the stresses he must be going through.  I pray that the Holy Spirit works in his heart to draw him lovingly to the Father.  Here's another reminder for all of us:

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9 NIV



Absolutely love Joshua 1:9.  A verse shared with my Marine more than once.  Encouraged me also.

Melissa has updated the prayer list and sent it to me to post here.  An update to the update: We screened about 285-290 kids yesterday and found 3 with heart problems.  It was a hugely successful day and went smoothly all the way around.  There was a Bald Eagle in the top of a tree on my way home, an extra sign from God for me.  Here's the list.  Thank you all for being such awesome Prayer Warriors!  And thank you, Melissa, for keeping the list up to date.

Verse of the Day
MFN Name Real Name  Marine's Name Home State Notes - 2017
Birdie (Laurie)  Laurie David (d. 11/7/13) WA 3/5 Prayers for Thomas Continued prayers for son Thomas that his heart is softened toward Birdie; Prayers the Holy Spirit will draw his heart to our Loving Father where he can lay his troubles at the feet of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 
Lion Heart Heroes Foundation Laurie In Honor of LCpl David WA 3/5 PRAISE: Article about the foundation's first event and donation of the AED to the Naval Station was posted in DVIDS and covered in the local paper; PRAYERS: For 500 kids to sign up and come to the cardiac screening co-hosted by the foundation and Nick of Time; Prayers the event will be successful and all problems will be minimal. Continued prayers the military MEPS organization will contact the foundation and resume talks of the benefits of every recruit having an EKG to identify those who are at risk of Sudden Cardiac Death. 
Drewsmama Marla Andrew AZ 1/27 PRAISE: Marla's daughter had a boy in 2016 and Marla's mom was able to see video of him before her passing; Prayers for Marla as she mourns the loss of her mother who passed away in 2016; Prayers for Andrew's safe return so he can celebrate grandpas 90th birthday with him.  
Knightmom Kathi  Skyler WA 1/18 Skyler is attending Christian college; prayers for success in college; Prayers for a new life for daughter and husband as they move to Dallas to start their new home and live together. 
Mary Jo Mary Jo Glenn, Marine;       Paul, Navy** OH/MI 2/11 New grandbaby is now 18 Mos; MaryJo struggling with finding a job in MI where she and the job are a good fit; Prayers for Navy son as he is Admin separated; prayers for guidance and wisdom for a spiritual walk with the Lord; 
Mom-MI Melissa Brandon** MI 3/5 Continued prayers for Marines spiritual life that he finds a church; Continued Prayers for Kate that she be drawn to the Lord and desire a personal relationship with him that she continue going to church;  Prayers for Marshall and Leanne; 
Teachcon Connie Josh** MA 3/5 Prayers for Josh's saftey and the safety of the Marines on deployment; Prayers Josh continues seeking and walking with the Lord; Prayers for Brittany and the kids while Josh is away, prayers for strength and wisdom on dealing with Josh's ex-wife. Prayers for Connie and her husband as they ready the house for sale and prepare to move. 
        **Pray   for spiritual life of these Marines.  Our children are God's first, and we love them right where they are.                        
      Pray for our country The UNITED States of America, that we may remain united & strong with a firm foundation founded Under God 
Prayer Warriors       Prayers that we take time each day to give thanks, offer our prayers, petitions and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ 

Birdie...... Thank you !  

Good news that the kids with the heart problems could be screened and helped medically. I like your comment about the bald eagle. My best gal friend told me awhile ago that seeing an eagle is good luck. So whenever I see one I am reassured.

Melissa..... Thank you for updating the prayer list !

Thank you so much, Melissa for updating the prayer list.  It meas so much to have you all as prayer warriors together.  So glad for the success of your ministry, Birdie.  Josh's daughter turns 6 tomorrow.  His wife has planned a fun celebration and presents from family.  We connot be there. but will skype.  Hopefully Josh can talk with her.  Brit is doing a good job with the 5 children but really misses her hubby.  I'm praying she finds a Christian friend to support her.  They have found a good church they attend on Sundays. We rejoice in that. 

Been painting woodwork in the kitchen all day.  Some projects crossed off many left to go. Goal to put it on the market in June.  God is able.  Been encouraged by the account of Abraham, a man of faith who went out not knowing where he was going...but God did.  God is good.




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