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There are a few of you who were on the other site that used to like reading the 'Verse of the Day'.  It was an idea that God gave me in January I believe to keep me in His word and at the same time to share a verse with other parents each day.  I have enjoyed doing that and would like to continue it here......I usually will post one each day Mon-Fri and usually in the morning.  Sometimes I get a chance to do so on the weekends, but I am not always able to find that time on the computer so easily, but sometimes I may suprise you.  I hope to be as faithful as the good Lord allows and post what he has 'sent' me for that day.  I hope it brings comfort, peace, strength, and build up our faith and trust as well.  I get especially excited when I find one for me AND my son in the same verse and enjoy passing it on to him...kind of a 2 for 1 deal :D !  So starting tomorrow Morning, will be posting our verse of the day.  God's peace to each of you~


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John 14:25-27
The Message (MSG)

"I'm telling you these things while I'm still living with you. The Friend, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you. He will remind you of all the things I have told you. I'm leaving you well and whole. That's my parting gift to you. Peace. I don't leave you the way you're used to being left—feeling abandoned, bereft. So don't be upset. Don't be distraught.

Kathi-thank you for doing this!  We are pretty new at this Marine thing, as our son is still at his MOS school, and we have no other military members in our family.  The Lord has been such a help to us...many prayers have been answered!  I am looking forward to your posts!


Thanks Kathi for keeping this up, I really enjoy it.

I like reading your verse of the day!


Hi Marla.....glad you are here too.  My son is just a bit ahead of yours....he graduated SOI/ITB (his MOS training) back in March and I have to tell you, God has been holding my hand from the very beginning and has brought so many wonderful people into my life that I never would have been blessed to meet with out my son on this road.  So hang in there and we will hang on to God as we all walk this road too!

Cattleman2010 and momofbubba....glad you are sticking with me over here too!!! :D

drewsmama said:

Kathi-thank you for doing this!  We are pretty new at this Marine thing, as our son is still at his MOS school, and we have no other military members in our family.  The Lord has been such a help to us...many prayers have been answered!  I am looking forward to your posts!



If there is one thing I have learned over the past year, it is that if you need a prayer just ask. There are prayer warriors on here that will pray for you for whatever you need and Kathi is one of them.

God Bless and God Speed

A faithful soldier in Christ


drewsmama said:

Kathi-thank you for doing this!  We are pretty new at this Marine thing, as our son is still at his MOS school, and we have no other military members in our family.  The Lord has been such a help to us...many prayers have been answered!  I am looking forward to your posts!


Thank you Kathi and Mike!  This forum has been great...and I practically lived on Marine Parents while my son was in boot.  Lots of wonderful people!  I appreciate knowing you are here and that I can call on you for prayer...and the same goes for me...I would be honored to pray for any of your needs.  God is so good!


Psalm 91:1-2
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Psalm 91
The LORD Is My Fortress
1Live under the protection
of God Most High

and stay in the shadow

of God All-Powerful.

2Then you will say to the LORD,

"You are my fortress,

my place of safety;

you are my God,

and I trust you."

I'm glad I found this thread! Thanks for keeping it going thru the move!

I will read it daily! I need all the prayers and comfort I can get.

I pray for Ethan and all the others daily. And I also pray for those who request 'special' prayer needs.

During boot I sent Ethan inspirational scripture in his daily letter. He took that scripture and wrote it down in a tablet everyday and looked it up in his Bible and used it as his daily devotional. I didn't know he did that until he came home and told me and showed me his tablet. That was a humbling experience. You just never know how much it means to someone until they show or tell you. God works through us even when we don't realize how greatly He does.



Psalm 91 is the scripture a sweet prayer warrior of ours gave our son, Timothy, as he graduates and moves toward boot camp in July. 


His brother, Michael, is currently stationed at K-bay and has made one deployment already, he is preparing for #2 this fall.


You are absolutely right Mike, there are many prayer warriors here who are willing to stand together for our Marines.




Thanks for the verse Kathi.  I love that one.  It is a very comforting promise.

Ethansproudmom, you know those verses had to be important to him for him to take the time to look them up.  I sent scripture as well, or sometimes an inspirational quote.  I sometimes thought it would be overlooked just because of the lack of time they really had in boot, but my son soaked it in like a sponge.  After boot, we drove home from San Diego to our home six hours away, and he never stopped talking about what God had done for him.  I had never hear him talk that much....ever...and I loved every minute of it!

Right now Andrew is bummed because he can't find anyone who will go to church with him while at his MOS.  He got a buddy to go last week, but doesn't think it will happen again. So, in the meantime we are sending him DVD's of our church services.  If anyone could pray that he could find a church buddy, I would really appreciate it..and he would too!  Thanks.


Oh yes, they meant a lot to him, as did my letters in general. He said he appreciated getting other people's letters, but he really only needed mine! The first page front and back was our whole day written down. I told him every detail. Then the second page was 3 parts: 1. ALWAYS a Marine joke! 2. Inspirational quote or poem. 3. Scripture to lift him up or something to do with being a warrior.

He kept my letters separate from everyone else's. He put them all in zip-lock bags, but mine were all in one and everyone else's were in another. It made me cry to think that mine meant so much to him.

He told me that he's been lucky so far in that he's made friends with and roomed with Christian men at every duty station so far. They go to church every Sunday and on Wednesday they started their own praise group that has devotions and plays guitar and sing contemporary Christian music. I'm so thankful that he's been so lucky so far, but I also know that he's using this as an outreach to help other guys find comfort with God. I pray your son finds the same!


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