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The last few posts from the comments section have been copied here so that everyone can pick up right where they left off.

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Well don't post too hot and heavy today- it will take me too long to catch up! Good night all. I am going to go see what' I can get for sleep.






Just got done texting with Ethan. He requested some leave time between leaving his current PCS and his next PCS. Does anyone know the odds of this happening? I know he has a lot of time accumulated, but I also know they want them checked in ASAP on the other end. Anybody have someone who's done this lately?




G'nite Willow



Sorry Bonita, I do not.


WestPlainsMom (Jan)

Bonita, That sounds like a question for Julie, Double Dad, or Wolf Dragon.  Course crawfish should know, huh?

Sets up coffee maker in new room

1~Tanya (Tanya) said:

Bonita, I believe he'll have to arrive at his new PCS and check in, and possibly be there a short amount of time before he can request leave.  Each unit is different, however, and as surely as I type this, they'll approve his leave en route (fingers crossed).

passes cup of coffee over

ya, i dont get this at all, the convo makes NO SENSE NOW. please help and also whats "book mark it" mean and how do you do it?


You'll get used to reading down, Theresa.  Honest!!

Hmmmm, to bookmark, look at the very top of the screen where you see 'file, edit, view, history, bookmark...' or something similar depending upon the internet server you use.  Those titles are above the Marine Family Network website.  They're part of your internet server.  Be on a page you want to return to, click on "Bookmark" for the drop down menu, select 'bookmark this page'.  It's added to the sites that are already easy way to get back to any website without typing out it's 'address'. 

robert, scroll to the very top of this conversation and you'll see the title 'This 'n That'. 

Well, you guys, you're doing great.  It's really the same as the old, just it's own discussion. 



maybe its me but i was following the convo fine, then when it went to this page?????

sets up coffee

sends donuts

passes coffee


what the heck??? i feel like im missing something. i dont get it, but oh well, not the first time.

Did you read the 'why' back in the comment section?

Did anyone bring jelly filled donuts?

hi sandy, no i didnt see that. i woke up, read all the emails, then went to this site or page whatever its called.

its ok, not the first time im lost and not the last, lol

The first responders are talking about setting up coffee maker and bringing donuts to this new room.

I could use some coffee....


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