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I've been thinking about how we get so caught up in our Marine's life that we almost quit living ourselves, especially when they are deployed.

One thing I think we all need is "little happinesses" that happen.

Mine for this week is: I have recycled my 35 gallon fishtank and it has taken forever, at least 4 months for the water quality and all the balances to be ready for fish. I have lost all the little "test" fish that I have put in so far. UNTIL Sat! The 5 little "test" fish (zebra danios) are still alive as of today, Tuesday. YEA!

This is my little happiness this week!!! You might not relate or even think this is trivial, but it keeps me going and I am happier because of it!

What is yours? Something little that maybe only makes sense to you, or might even only make you happy! 

Did you make an awesome batch of cookies? Or find that perfect pair of sandals for summer?

Let's share and see some happy little stuff!

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Julie, I still visit the Nowzad site and check up on the animals being rescued! That started with you and the dog your son made friends with. Wasn't its name Cujo? Yep my sons are animal people. As my name says Zookeeper, they have been around pets all their lives. I know they will have their own when they move out. One of my "dreams" when I hit the lotto (I don't play) ha ha is to have an animal rescue like the one in Utah --Best Friends.

I am so used to not saying my son's name (he was in SF) that I will probably always say "My Marine" but he has kept one friend very close. He is the one friend that is the most mature and settled. ha ha at 24. But I am glad he can see that the others are still floating with life. He still keeps in touch with one friend that stayed in, he's a good kid and a good Marine. 

Sounds like our boys have done well in their transition and will do well in life. I am glad for the Corps for that. 

2012 ? Wow, time flies, and much has happened in almost 3 years! Many little happinesses! I think the Marine Corps taught me to be happy for little things and to know the big stuff always works out.

Ethan's is a NAM too. So you understand why I'm so proud! The write up with it is very impressive. Describes my Marine exactly! He is proud of it, especially since it was unexpected and he's been out for 7 months!


OK GIRLS...NAM is that an achievement medal of some kind? 

... name of the decoration was officially changed to the "Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal." Nonetheless, the award is still referred to in shorthand as a 'NAM.'

Wonderful news Donna ! Back in the US of A.

Very happy morning !  My marine son is home for a visit ! He's back from Oki and will be stationed in CA.

So thankful !

Yahoo, another one home again.

That's awesome ! I'm so glad he's home :)

Denita (1~steel_walk42)
MFN Volunteer - Membership & Moderator
VPMM of LCpl. Vincent

Thank you Denita. I am so, so glad too ! It's been such a long 2 yrs.
1~steel_walk42 (Denita) said:

That's awesome ! I'm so glad he's home :)

Denita (1~steel_walk42)
MFN Volunteer - Membership & Moderator
VPMM of LCpl. Vincent


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