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I've been thinking about how we get so caught up in our Marine's life that we almost quit living ourselves, especially when they are deployed.

One thing I think we all need is "little happinesses" that happen.

Mine for this week is: I have recycled my 35 gallon fishtank and it has taken forever, at least 4 months for the water quality and all the balances to be ready for fish. I have lost all the little "test" fish that I have put in so far. UNTIL Sat! The 5 little "test" fish (zebra danios) are still alive as of today, Tuesday. YEA!

This is my little happiness this week!!! You might not relate or even think this is trivial, but it keeps me going and I am happier because of it!

What is yours? Something little that maybe only makes sense to you, or might even only make you happy! 

Did you make an awesome batch of cookies? Or find that perfect pair of sandals for summer?

Let's share and see some happy little stuff!

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I planted a pot of Pansies to look at that are now on the patio! Spring in the air makes me happy even when it's one of those days when I'm missing our Marine :)


What a wonderful idea for a discussion!  I think my little happiness this week was yesterday when my soon to be medically discharged, and angry son, finally showed a bit of his old sense of humor in a text.  He said that even though it was rainy in Camp Pendleton, and everybody was 'down', he was "still a shining star".  It has been nearly 3 months since I've heard/seen that humor from him.

Jan it's been a long road for glad he is letting his personality shine and keeping his chin up! God will show his plan for him soon! Glad you have that happy moment for the week!

My little bit of happiness comes from helping my husband make our window sills and door frames. Our house is in a constant state of remodeling. Our living room is done, but we only painted over the already painted trim and walls and replaced the carpet. Our kitchen and backdoor entry though, was gutted and it's been ongoing for years now. But together we planed and hubby sanded and cut the wood for the doorways in our backdoor entry and the kitchen windows. And I'm doing all the tung oil finish on the wood. Then I sand that coat and put on another and repeat until the wood is smooth and shiny. They are coming out beautiful and it's nice to know that I'm doing my share to get this house looking nicer. It's kind of therapeutic too! Ethan can't wait to come home and see the progress!

My world has evolved around my Marine and me missing him.  I've been trying to spread my love and show my daughter how much I love her and her two kids.  I'm trying to do for the ones I have here with me since I am not able to do for my Marine right now.  That helps and my daughter appreciates it.


I still miss my boy :(

I don't have a Marine that is deployed (yet), but I love this discussion.  What a great idea!!


A wonderful topic.  It's so good to think about the little happinesses, while "waiting" on the grand joys.  I imagine if I start practicing looking for the small happinesses, I'll discover I have a lot to be grateful for!

Mine for this week would be that I accidentally discovered that my oldest child, my daughter, must have decided recently that I am OK to "know" on Facebook.  Suddenly I'm seeing her comments again, after having been dumped a couple of years ago when I made the mistake of commenting on a totally gross comment her boyfriend made.  We've had a bumpy couple of years, but she's settled into a new job and place to live, and I guess she's decided that I'm not so bad and can be trusted ;>  Seems silly, maybe, but I'm taking it as an expression of trust and confidence.


3/3 Weapons Co


@ Julie, my kids won't friend me (I haven't requested to be friends but we've talked about it) because they don't want me getting upset about comments or commenting to comments that I may not think are nice (kind of what you did). So, I can understand you finding happiness in that. 

I think we all have blessings we need to see and be thankful for and allow are Marines to grow and be the men/women they are meant to be.  At times is is so hard not to miss them.  God Bless them all.

I agree, great topic! :) My son hasn't deployed yet either but I have had to find things to keep me busy while he's away and training. Boot, MCT, and now MOS and trying to adjust not only to him growing up but also being gone so far away has been tough. I have two smaller children that keep me busy but I also am so happy that spring is here where I can get outside and work in the garden and around our small farm. Thanks for sharing all of your stories and God bless!

My big news of the week.....I've been trying to start my own business and I think finally the loan will go through. Yeah!!! So, I will be starting this new venture when my son comes home for 2 weeks in April. Hopefully, I will have the time to spend with him. Or at least I can squeeze him in during the day, after I squeeze him when he gets off that plane!!

What a great, uplifting subject!  I try to focus on all the little positives, too, and know how hard that was to do during far too many deployments.  Today, for me, the sun is shining on a beautiful day and despite it wreaking havoc on my allergies (severe hives), I love Spring!

Brilliant topic, zookeeper!  Congrats, IndianaMomBeth on that biz venture, and best wishes for much success.

My little happiness today is getting some extra 'stuff' out of the house...gathering things up for a friend's garage sale.  It will feel so good not only to clear it out, but also, to know that it is going towards a good cause.


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