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I started this on the page and several commented.  I hope no one minds but I thought it would be good to revisit those "Famous Marine Corps Slogans".  My favorite is "Some Hero's Wear a Cape.  Mine Wears Kevlar and Combat Boots."  I think one of the Moderators had it on their signature line on the old web page.  Hope whoever it was doesn't mind but it is true for me.  My son truely is my hero!!!

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Rod, "It can't always be someone else's son" is such a powerful and true statement, I've used it often through the years and many deployments.  I always hoped it touched those I shared it with.


I find "Don't mess with me, I raised a Marine!" motivating anytime I feel challenged =)

One of my favorites is "Sleep well, my Marine has your back."

All good ones! My son has used the 'It can't always be someone elses son' on me before. Not that I was being negative or anything. Just telling him one time how I worry about him. He said mom it's always someone's son out their risking their lives for us, not it's your son's turn. What can you say to that??? I just tell him he's my hero!

Laura, I have the shirt that says 'Don't mess with me I raised a Marine!' I took it down to boot graduation, but Ethan didn't want me to wear it on base! I told him every momma there would agree with it! I wore it home and got lots of comments whenever we stopped anywhere! I want the one that says 'Sleep well, my Marine has your back'. That one is next!

I have the 'Sleep Well, America...My Marine Has Your Back' from the EGA store and it's the nicest shirt!  The photo on the back is incredible!  I get TONS of comments on it.  Better pack it for Marine Week lol.

I can't resist a chance to promote the EGA store, where 100% of the proceeds go back to support the Marines!  Here's the Sleep Well shirt.


Click the link below to shop:


And here's the one that says "Some Heroes Wear Capes" on the front and the back says "My Hero Wears Combat Boots. Click the image to the right so view the products.


Thanks for putting up with my plug and thanks for shopping at the EGA Store! You'll love the quality of our shirts and they beat anything you might get from Cafe Press HANDS DOWN!

--Tracy Della Vecchia

--Founder and Executive Director,

Some Heroes Wear a Cape is my favorite slogan also. I have it on my son's welcome home banner. I was thrilled when I saw the t-shirt at the EGA store and bought it right away. These men and women are my heroes. They choose to serve at a time of war. They and their families are in my prayers every night.

I have one that states, "My son is deployed.  What's your problem?"  The other car has one reading,"My son is deployed.  I might bite your head off!"   Since my Marine is facing his 6th deployment in 7 years, why remove them?  He's always deployed!

Years ago, I found one that said "Surviving third deployment."  I have been crossing off "third" and raising the number each time.

I also love the quote from Ronald Reagan, "Some people spend a lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world.  Marines don't have that problem."
This is not really a Marine Slogan but I like it. "and so, I give you, my countrymen, the best I have, my son"

Kleinah: His sixth deployment in seven years? God bless him and you.


Nate's Dad: That's the best use of "It can't always be someone else's son" I've heard of in a long, long time. Way to go.


My wife likes to wear a T-shirt that warns "Don't Mess with Me. I Raised Two Marines."


And as for me, my favorite slogan applies to all of us parents: Semper Gumby. It's worked wonders over the years.

I have an idea for a bumper sticker:

My son is in combat to protect your right to drive like an idiot.

and another...

My son is in combat so please back off.


Gumby figurines will soon be available at the EGA store.  I think I'll stock up!


I have so many Marine stickers and magnets on my cars that  my other sons refuse to drive them!  Even when home on leave, my Marine removes all that he can before leaving the driveway.


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