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~  Hello Everyone,

~  It's been awhile since I've posted anything on this section of Marine Family Network; & I thought of that slightly noticeable leading header, for my little announcement ;-)  I just wanted to Wish a: 

 ~  Happy 42nd Anniversary !!!!!!!  ~

~  unto My Dearest Wife, Cathy, { & this is her own self-chosen nick-name} whom est:

  ~  My Most Beloved Sweet Patootie !!!!!!!  ~

 { although admittedly:  tis me, that has added the 'Most Beloved' part unto it }

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our Journey Together in Life:  started a little after 7:00 P.M., 42 years ago this evening, whenst We got married after just 2 years of dating; & Yet, somehow it doesn't even seem like it could possibly be that long {42 years} of an already past amount of time  ;-)   Mostly, it's been Very Good, as Well  :-)

~  Tonight:  I'm going to be taking Cathy out to a Nice Quaint old river-side mill, that has been converted into a to rustic-style romantic restaurant, for our celebratory dinner this evening.  We may even dine 'Alfresco', out onda deck overlooking the river {the Sandusky River, near Tiffin}, if'n it's not too Hot outside. 

~  Inn Times Past:  when I've taken Cathy there inda Winter-time, I like to take her downstairs into what they call: 'The Cellar';  where there's a nice old stone fireplace with Real Wood, warmly burning away in it {Truly, I don't care for those with 'Genuine Imitation' fires in any type uv flaky-looking faked 'ire-place'}.

~  If'n You arrive for an earlier dinner, the fire is somewhat larger at that time, & later inda evening they've let it slowly burn down to a Wonderfully Warm Glowing bed of embers with a few licks of flame leaping up ever so Gently, as the evening winds down for the night, Very Nice  :-)  

~   Another Great Feature that I Really Love about 'The Cellar', is that you can have your choice of regular seating,  just like in most restaurants; or You may choose a nicely semi-private wooden booth along 2 of the side walls, including the neat option for a Very Intimate & Romantic corner wooden booth, which I Absolutely Love to get for us ;-)   I must get going now, to get around on time, so:  TTFN  :-)

~  Sincerely Respectfully,  Mike & Cathy:  42, Woo-Hoo  ~

~ Praying Often, for Everyone, Everywhere & for Every Need as Well  ~

~ P.S.  As Y'all can guess, I won't be attending the active chat-room this evening, Take Care Y'all  ~

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Have a great time & Tell that wife of yours Happy Anniversary from me. :)

Happy Anniversary and many many more!

Wishing you and your Sweet Patootie a wonderful, romantic evening of dining excellence. :)  Happy, happy Anniversary! 

Happy Anniversary


Happy 42nd Anniversary, Mike & Cathy!!

Hope you have a very romantic Anniversary dinner and many more years together!

Happy, Happy Anniversary! Congrats!!


~  Hello Everyone,

~  Cathy & I: 

 Thank You Very Much, One and All

~  I have meant to get back here to say Thank You All, much sooner; yet, Cathy & I have been very busy over the last 2 weeks, since our quiet little evening dinner outing.  We had a Very Nice Dinner together, although it was Entirely Too Hot to dine 'alfresco' out on the deck, by & partially over the river.   Also, they apparently close the downstairs 'cellar area' during the Summer season, which makes good sense unto me { Too Hot ov a day, to enjoy a fireplace anyhow; another thought is that maybe the air-conditioning drifting down from the main dining room, might make it Too Cold for some patrons as Well ;-) }; so we chose to have our celebration dinner in the main dining area at a very nice window-side table, where we could Enjoy looking out at the Scenery over the river, and part of the deck area as Well :-)

~  Cathy ordered herself simply a:  'Boiled Dinner'  & I had my absolute favorite seafood dinner Giant Sea Scallops, they were Quite Large  as Well as Very Delicious  & Prepared to Perfection  ;-)   Cathy Really Enjoyed her dinner that contained most types of seafood in that 'Seafood Boil', except for lobster.   Theretofore, since she was Enjoying our mealtime together, that, Ov Course, made me:  'Happy as a Clam'  ;-) 

~  Sincerely Respectfully, from Cathy & Mike  ~

Praying Often, for Everyone, Everywhere, & for Every Need as Well  ~

~  P.S.  After we had arrived at the restaurant, Regretfully I discovered that I told Y'all incorrectly about the name of the downstairs dining room area; it is not called:  'The Cellar', as I had previously written in my post; but in fact is called: "Tinkers Dam"


Mr. Mike:  Happy Anniversary, sir.  You are a lucky man and Cathy is a lucky woman.  Just stop lifting the heavy stuff, so I can stop worrying about you, OK?  And, in your honor, I'm sure it is National Wedded Bliss Day.  And drop by on Wednesday so I  can hug you "in person" in Chat.


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