My son called tonight, he has his bus ticket home and we should see him tomorrow.

One journey has now ended, and the next to start soon.

Sad and excited at the same time - sad he was injured and unable to heal in the time required to get back into a platoon and graduate to be a Marine. But excited to see my son again after 4 months.


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Blessings to you guys!
What type of release did they give him? What type of injuries did he have? My son is in MRP.

I am so happy you will have your son home for the holidays!

My son is home, no longer a recruit.  He looks good and has a lot to say. Has learned a lot about himself.

As with some others, there seems to be a 'circumstance of timing' at being sent home.

My son had stress fractures in the tibia that didn't heel quick enough to get him back into a training platoon; we haven't gone over paperwork yet, but he says as of midnight last night he was released and something about convenience of the Marines.  He can re-enlist after 6 months if he so desires (with a medical waiver).

For those who still have recruits in MRP, my best wishes they recover in a timely manner to get back to training.

For those with sons/daughters in RSP / PEB; I know the roller coaster ride there too. And with your child a safe return home.

I am sad that the journey has ended, but grateful my son seems to be okay with the way the journey ended - no hard feelings.

Wishing you all happy holidays.


My best to him. And hope he doesn't quit chasing his dreams. As I always tell my son ,to fight for what you want. God puts our faith to test over and over. Please thank him for his service no matter what his has done more than a lot have eave tride.
By any chance was he at parris island if so he was with my som. RCT L.

Hi Big Papa, yes he was at PI.  I'll ask him if he knows RCT L.

I don't recall what injury your son had to end up in MRP


Knee dislocation.


I'm so glad your son is home.  Together, you will be able to process the end of this part of his journey, and he will be able to think and plan what his next steps will be (when he is ready).  Always remember that his will did not fail him, his body did (and sometimes we have absolutely no control over that).  As BigPapa stated-- he has done, and learned, more in the months he was at the Depot than many others will ever accomplish. 

Please be sure to check in with us and keep us updated on how things are going.

Take care and give your son another hug from me!

Donna (1~Donna from WI)

Boot Camp Moderator

PMM of a Sgt.

Enlistment #2 underway

Standing on Psalm 91:11

Help my son is in peb at this time and I don't know what he will face. You can contact me at alt email for my phone number.

He goes into surgery on Monday .is sent home what benefits do the get ? Please any guidance would help

Kind regards

Big Papa,

Did your son tell you that he is being sent home after the surgery on his knee (it's a dislocation isn't it?)?  Or is he worrying that it what is going to happen to him.  Do you know his recruiter?  If you do, you may wish to contact him next Monday to see if he can give you any insight on what is happening at this point. 

I have sent you an email (friend request) with a link that may be helpful to you, please be on the lookout for it.

Donna (1~Donna from WI)

Boot Camp Moderator

PMM of a Sgt.

Enlistment #2 underway

Standing on Psalm 91:11

We'll he did MRP and rehab it went back in and boom it happened again. He says they are going to add a ligaments to the inside and attach it to the top of knee cap with disallowing screws. They are saying his knee cap pocket is shallow..thus is why he's thinking this way.i was told by recruiters this was non diqulifing. He's worked so hard as many others here. He doesn't want to come home.


Big papa,

The medical staff will make the final determination as to whether or not he will rehab at PI and return to training or if he will be sent home.  Stay in touch with his recruiter, and if you have been in contact with his original SDI he may be a good source of information for you.  No one wants to see a recruit re-injury him/herself and create permanent damage unnecessarily; your son may end up coming home to heal and be given a discharge code with re-enlistment parameters included.

Your son will need all of your support at this time to not give up on himself.  He needs to reaffirm to those in charge that he can rehab and he will work his hardest to recover and return to training, but ultimately it is up to the doctors to decide what the next step is.

I wish I could wave a magic wand over your son and grant him his wish, but regretfully I cannot.  I can only tell you to stay positive, continue writing to him and encourage him to continue to be the best that he can be.  Miracles do happen, I have a Marine who has overcome obstacles in the USMC not once, not twice, but three times and this fall began enlistment #2 (six months ago he thought he didn't have a chance of obtaining that)-- there are always challenges and with those challenges comes endurance, strength and hope.  I know your son has all three of those-- continue to encourage those qualities in him during this difficult time.

I will keep your recruit within my circle of prayers.  Please keep us updated.

Donna (1~Donna from WI)

Boot Camp Moderator

PMM of a Sgt.

Enlistment #2 underway

Standing on Psalm 91:11


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