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Help....we got a telephone call on Monday that our son has "possibly torn the meniscus in his left knee" and would be moved to the MRP.  That is all the information they could give us at that time.  They can't discuss his actual condition because of HIPPA policies (he is 24) and I understand that.  This occured 1 week into Boot Camp.  We still have the generic address given to us before he left and are still writing to it.  The irony is he had surgery for the same condition on his right knee 2 years ago (it took 6 months for them to get doctor clearance for him to enlist).  The recruiter has been wonderful trying to find out information for us (me, my husband and his girlfriend) but has come up empty too.  It would help to hear from any parents that have been through this.  He wants to be a Marine more than anything and I know he wants to stay.

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I am sorry to hear that he has an injury and know you must be worried.  Here is the link to the Chaplain's Office they are extremely helpful in situations like this  Sending good thoughts and prayers his way. 


Maria (Mom-NY)
Manager of Boot Recruit Groups
Marine Family Network

lsmedic--I'm so sorry to hear about your son's knee injury.  ConSaun, another marine mom who will probably respond when she sees your post, has a son with a knee injury.  She has talked about it recently on the Recovering in MRP discussion.  I understand how hard it is not knowing the details of the injury, the emotional condition of your son, not being able to help or comfort.  Feeling powerless makes it harder.  Please remember that we'll be here for you, and we'll pray daily for your son and for you, and that God is right there with him.  That is the only thing that comforted me when my son was so sick with pneumonia.  My frantic, worried prayers calmed when I remembered that the God who loves my son more than I do is watching over him.


I am sorry to hear that your son received an injury so early into training.  My son is in his fifth week in MRP and entered at the end of his second week of training.  The lack of information is frustrating and during a time when we are use to being able to communicate instantly, the pace of mail is nerve wracking.  Hang in there, pray, talk to people who have been and are there.  The more letters I receive from my son the more I'm realizing that MRP is not a fun place.  Even if you have to continue writing to the old address, keep writing, from everything I read, the letters get to them.  Your recruit needs those letters of encouragement.  Come here and get encouragement for you.  I am struggling with dealing with my son being injured.  I have researched everything I can find about his injury.  I have found a friend from my home state that has helped so much.  I best advice I can probably give is know your son is getting quality care and do what you have to do to take care of your mental health because a child in MRP can be difficult to deal with.  You need to remain strong so you letters hold encouragement for him. I wish you all the best has to learn more about your son's injury.  Keep us posted and stay strong for your son. From everything I have read, if your son wants to be a Marine, they will do everything they can at Parris Island to make him one.

Thank you all so much...I can't began to tell you how much your response helps.  It does helps to talk with others going through the same thing.  We did get an update.  Our son's recruiter was able to talk with him this morning.  (He said he will be able to talk to him on a weekly basis).  He relayed messages from us and his girlfriend to him.  He told us pretty much the same thing, that MRP is NOT a fun place to be, so to write, write, write.  Myself and his girlfriend are writing every day.  They haven't done the MRI yet to determine if surgery is needed, but they are giving him an estimated 2 months depending on the final results of testing.  The recruiter said he is pretty down, but the messages from us helped and we all told him we fully support his staying at Parris Island no matter how long it takes.  (Of course, that encouragement from his girlfriend meant more than Mom and Dad'  Again, thank you for the kind words and prayers.  I know that God has a plan..I just sometimes forget that.  I will also add your sons to my prayer list.  and again I am so glad that I found this support network.  Thank you!!!!!

From everything I have read and my own experience with my son, the recruits develop a deeper relationship with God while on Parris Island.  My son did not take a bible with him but was able to pick one up at one of the services.  If your son did not bring a bible or has not picked one up, encourage him to do so.  They need all the encouragement they can get from any source they can get it from.  


Update on my son:  Starting his sixth week in MRP and I still don't know any more then I did two weeks ago.  I wish I knew if he was coming home or not so that I can research a doctor to take over the care of his knee.  Lack of information is so hard for me to deal with.

We (my husband and I and his girlfriend) finally got a letter today from him.  He is very discouraged and wants to come home which is so out of character for him, all he wanted to do was to become a Marine.  The only good thing about the letter was it was dated on the day he was placed in MRP.  His recruiter talked to him the next day and I think that helped some, but he hadn't even seen the doctor yet.  Our son is blessed with a wonderful recruiter that plans to call on a weekly basis and keep us updated.  He is very encouraging with our son.  We also have his "real" address now, so we are making sure to give it to people that we know will encourage him. 

So glad you got a good address. Write as often as you can. I am very happy that your recruiter is there to help you. 


1~Nanny   Group Moderator  MFN    
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We have been writing every day (his girlfriend) and his friends and apparently he has only gotten three letters...all from his girlfriend.  He says "he understands we are too busy to write".  He has also said he doesn't care what it takes that he wants out.  I know he is not thinking straight..They are not letting the recruiter talk to him anymore.  The recruiter got really mad last time, cause they keep telling him our son is not available and he says he has a right to talk with him once a week.  Our son's last letter said he was going to tell the doctor he was depressed.  The recruiter said this will automatically put him out.  Ironically, he said the discharge process can take as long as the rehab and retraining process.  He got the MRI done on a Wednesday and was going back to the Doctor on Monday to find the results, but he said the doctor told him 7-8 months before he could even consider going back to training.  I just don't know what to do at this point.  He has always wanted to be a marine and I know he will regret this, but we don't have any way of relaying this to him.  The recruiter told him the first time he talked with him that if he told the doctor he was depressed it would disqualify him from ever becoming a marine.  We have received 2 letters (one giving us his address in the MRP and the other just yesterday).  His girlfriend knows that he will reget it if he gets out too.  But with this lag in mail, we just don't know what to do (except pray). Any suggestions???

hi, my son had a knee an leg injury also within weeks of getting into training, he spent about 2 an half mnths in mrp, it was very difficult because you dont get much information because they are adults....I wrote everyday an continued after he went back into training.....just little quotes from anywhere that was uplifting an encouraging....i've never tried the chapelin but have been told they will speak to your son an call you back with an update. I am so sorry you have to go through this an i can imagine your son is having a mix of emotions from sadness to being upset it happend. but dont give up an remind him never give up...they will do what ever they can to either get him ready to go back into training or if he needs to be sent home, they will send him.....waiting is the hardest part for a mom. My so again is in mrp he was suppose to be on the crucible this week but after seeing the doc for the physical to be allowed to do the crucible his leg could have a stress fracture. I have been praying every day throughout the day for him to get well and be allowed to do the crucible... i will pray for both of you also...
My stepson shipped june 12 and on july 4th weekend we got the call thst he had also messed up his knee. He is still there and we just got a letter from him that hes not sure if he is going to be able to heal up enough to go back to training. We just keep writing letters of incouragment. They have given him option but none that sounds like he can go back to training. He had an mri went and seen a specialist. The specialist didnt think he needed surgery. So now i am confused about why they are talking about releasing him when he dosent want to come home. He wants to get better and finish. The last 3 years of his life has been about being a marine. I dont know what it will do to him if they discharge him.
It might depend on the type of injury he has. see if you can call his recruiter an have him call an speak with him an then call you with more info. also might be good for him to speak to the recruiter an talk about the options he was given.....I would say if he really wants to stay, to let him know that if he can stay an heal then let them know he wants to stay, tell him to vol. for any type of work he could do while in MRP. he can also speak to them again to maybe understand better what type of injury he has an why they suggested the options they gave him. praying for both of you.
Carilla - You might want to call the Chaplain.  It was my experience that he is very helpful.  He can talk directly with your recruit and call you back with the info.  Other than that you most likely will have to wait for to hear from you stepson.  From here on out he will be the best source of information - as delayed as that is.  Best wishes.


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