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I'm so glad I found this website and discussion thread. My wife and I didn't know where to turn. We have so many questions about what to do and how to manage daily life as our son goes through his injury. This is what happened to our son:

He was a poolie since April of 2011 with a departure date of December5,2011. He was called to duty early on November 13, 2011. He was so excited and pumped up to be a Marine. He is with a good platoon. They have won many awards and special privileges. He was so excited to be graduating with this platoon on Feb. 10,2012 with honors. On Dec. 28,2011 he was injured in the 2nd phase. He was pulling targets when he tripped and grabbed the cage next to his to get his balance while another recruit was pulling his target. My sons thumb was severed at the top joint. He has had surgery to re-attach and  is doing well. From his letters to us recently, we feel he is still with his platoon and doing light duty. His mental state is not the best. He writes he can watch them train from his window while he does nothing. He has said he must wait 5 weeks for the next platoon to reach 2nd phase, where he was when he got injured. We have not gotten a call that he has gone to MRP, but he writes that his address will be changing.Within 1 envelope there will be letters from multiple days. One day he wants to quit and the next he is excited to rejoin another platoon so he can graduate. I'm not sure if this is normal or his medication. We have sent letters to motivate him, but it is difficult to tell if they are working. The mail takes so long to find him. Not really sure what to ask. If he goes to MRP, does he do any training at all to stay in shape? What happens after MRP....does he rejoin the next platoon immediately? Other than send motivational letters to keep his spirits up, is there anything else my wife and I can do?

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First of all, I want to say I am sorry and understand how you feel. My son was hurt shortly after boot camp in ITB training. He was hurt in training and it has been a LONG waiting game.

I want to let you know that the Marines take care of their own. The fact that you have not had a phone call means that he has not been moved. It takes a long time for things to actually happen in the military. If there is one thing I have learned, it is "no news IS good news".  There are two possible reasons why he has not been moved: they(the commanding officers) really do not want to go through all the paperwork and his injury was not significant enough to require round-the-clock attention(after the first emergency care and surgery).

He will eventually be moved to the new platoon and just keep going. I have been told by many parents on this network that we must listen to our boys and trust they are getting the most up-to-date info. It is hard, mostly because the Marines take a long time to do anything and then change their plans suddenly and often!

As far as his mental state, he is displaying normal moods. It is very hard for a recruit or Marine to be doing nothing. They have been told that they will save the world in the most active way possible and now all they are doing is sitting around watching all the other kids play ball. We have all seen the stories where the little boy is sick in bed watching all the kids outside. It is heartbreaking but necessary. Conitnue to encourage him and tell him what you are reading here on the groups. Let him know that the Marines will not give up on him and will fulfill their commitment to him. There is a young lady who was seriously injured during the Crucible. She spent many weeks in the hospital and rehab having suffered brain damage. She is now a full-fledge Marine on deployment.

If he does go to MRP, he will be sent to, um, I forgot the alphabet....He will go to a physical training platoon after MRP to prepare him for basic. The CO's want these men to succeed and will not send him back out until they feel he will.

Now, I know this does not help, but there is really nothing you and your wife can do beyond prayer. Prayer will see him through this. The Marines know what they are doing and will turn him into a Marine. I know this is hard on you because you son is hurt and you are not anywhere near. It is a parent'w worse nightmare to not be able to help their child. I promise you he is in good hands...both God's and the Marines.

Blessings to you, your wife and your son, Elizabeth

Jeff, Momof9 is correct...there's nothing you can do but pray and encourage him.  Get lots of people to write letters, send crossword puzzles, soduko, whatever he's interested in.  They really look forward to mail call.  Let your son know he needs to ask questions of the doctors, and if you have questions, tell him to ask the doctor.  My son gained confidence in asking questions about his own healthcare after being in EHP for 11 weeks. 

They are weaned back into training in phases, and they will make sure your recruit is physically fit to rejoin the others.  It's hard knowing their friends are moving on without them, but tell your son to stick with the motivated recruits and continue being loud and moving quickly like they did in training as there is opportunity for leadership even in MRP/EHP.  He will get through this and earn the title.  I'm really glad he's doing well after his surgery.

Jeff I am so sorry to hear that he has been injured but glad to know that he is doing well.  From what you are stating that he needs to wait 5 weeks for the next platoon to reach 2nd phase to the point where he has been injured leads me to believe that he is not currently training with his original platoon and that he might be in MRP  or PCP.  What happens is when a recruit is injured and/or ill and will be missing training for that reason they are sent to MRP to heal, once they have done so and are deemed ready for training they are picked up by a new Battalion, Company & Platoon.  Here are a few links with some additional information on this:


To obtain some further information you might want to contact your son's recruiter and see what he might know.  Wishing your son all of the best.

Maria (Mom-NY)
MFN Manager of Boot Recruit Groups
Mom of Deployed Marine

Thank you all for your replies. My wife, my sons friends and I read them all together. The information given was very helpful. We can breath much easier now while we wait to hear from our son.Thank you for the good thoughts and prayers, it is greatly appreciated. 

Jeff- I am sorry your recruit was injured. He will in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.  When my son was in MRP he was allowed to receive magazines.  I sent a few that he requested.  Like any other thing, I would ask him first what he would like and what he is allowed to receive. 


I would like to share a funny story, hope it cheers you up.  When my son was in MRP he was assigned to work in an area near a receiving area for brand, spanking new recruits.  Just for kicks he walked down the hall and shouted, "eyes front." They all shouted back, "Aye, sir".  He told me it was fun to mess the new guys.  Your recruit may have down times  but he most certainly have good times. :)

So sorry to read of your son's injury.  Being a parent of an injured Rct. I to know the helplessness we feel as parents.  My daughter is the one, our post, female Rct.12 hrs. into the Crucible, who was injured.  She, like your son went through the ups and downs, and the why me.   He will get through this, he will be a Marine, this is just a bump in the road, a set back.  His training has taught him to adapt and overcome, and he will ! 

MRP is the place where they heal.  They do work out, the ones that are able, on a smaller scale, just not what he's been used to for the past weeks.  When he is given a full return to duty, he will join up with a Plt. at the point he left off at. 

It is the waiting that's the hardest part, waiting to heal, waiting to get back at it.  Let him know there are people praying for him, that he will get through this, he had the will and courage to raise his hand take the Oath to be a United States Marine, it may take him a little longer than most, in the end, that Eagle, Globe and Anchor will mean sooo much more.

Send him Phillipians 4:13, " I can do All things through Christ who strengthens me."    

Semper Fi, Proud Mom of PFC Kate.

Thank you, Kokie08, for replying to this. What I wrote above was just as much for me as for Jeff. My son was injured causing blindness in his right eye and is still waiting for a tests and a diagnosis. It has been almost a month since he was injured. He is struggling with depression and worthlessness. I am struggling with the waiting and no answers. I read all of your posts from when you first started your journey. It helps to know that others are going(have gone) through what I am. It is especially encouraging that you and Kate made it. You deserve to be proud of your Kate.

At 5 pm this evening our time, we got the call. He is being transferred to MRP. He says he will be there 5 weeks, and then join another platoon. He sounded dejected and ashamed. We are going to print off this page and send him everyone's best wishes. And maybe he will meet up with your recruit and they can gain strength together. 

To Kokie08:

He has been reading the bible since his injury. We will make sure he sees the passage you have pointed out. And we will pass along the story of your daughter PFC Kate. A true Marine!

My wife and I thank you all for your kind words.

Jeff I am so sorry to hear about your son's injury. My son is in MRP too. about 4 weeks now he was injured on his 6th day of training and it has been a rough ride. We are all here to support you and pray for all of you and your son. I have just about went crazy worrying about the whole thing. My son said they could have books as long as they are about the USMC but to get them at a used bookstore as he would probably leave them in MRP when he leaves. He will have a DI there too and will have orders to follow but from what I hear the food is pretty good (most of the time)lol. I know how helpless you feel and how much it hurts knowing your son is injured and has had to go thru surgery alone and with strangers. Send him copies of the funnies or if you know what makes him laugh send  a page thats funny out of a magazine or a card that will make him smile and encourage him.Write everyday and the letters will get forwarded to him in MRP using the same address you have been using and then when he sends you a letter use the return address on it and that way he will continue to get letters.My son got so down I didn't even know what to write to make him feel better so I started writing about anything funny I saw or heard like dumbest crooks or things that the grandparents said.Be prepared for a lot of ups and downs and when I felt like I couldn't breathe at night when I lay down I get out of bed and write to him.It seems to help me feel closer to him. My prayer will be that God will wrap you and your son in the arms of his love and give you peace that only he can.And that he will send his healing power to your son.God is the one I have to depend on because he is with my son even when I can't be.And he is with yours also. Is he at PI orSD. MY son's wife also sent him a new bible and that helped him lots.We send him scriptures to read to help him find strength and faith.You will find things that your son would like might be a clipping of the sports page or the hometown newspaper try it all you never now what will help.


Thank you deeanne, that's some really good info, he has a quirky sense of humor (like his father) so I know what to send him. Our son is in SD and got injured on T32 (I think). Our prayers to you and your son.

Your welcome Jeff one of the best things about the message board is that any question you may have and sometimes you may just feel down and need to vent someone has been there before you and has answers that will help and as you go along you will see someone exactly where you are today and you will be able to pay it forward and give them some answers. This is my comfort every night and morning,reading the posts and replying if I can help. I wrote a poem because of this journey as I sat and wrote one night not really realizing at the time what I was doing. Just writing what was in my breaking heart. It was sent to the copywrite dept. and approved you can find it in the poems and stories section it is titled "If We Could" Look it up and maybe it will help. God Bless you all and praying for good news coming your way soon!!!
Jeff said:

Thank you deeanne, that's some really good info, he has a quirky sense of humor (like his father) so I know what to send him. Our son is in SD and got injured on T32 (I think). Our prayers to you and your son.

Jeff,I'm so sorry to hear about your son.   I had many of those same questions when my son got pneumonia and got LOTS of answers on my discussion (MRP-A bump in the road!).  Read through those responses.  You will get lots of info from those who have been down this road.



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