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We got the dreaded call this morning from our daughter & that she has in fact dropped into RSP today due to a diagnosis of asthma, and would be shipped home in 10-14 days, and would call the night before she was put on "transportation".


She has been in FRP (dropped on T32) for 3 weeks for a torn cartilage in her hip, and went to medical from there early last week about ongoing chest congestion. After what she described as a thorough check up,she was sent to Naval Hospital Beaufort for pulmonary function tests, which she failed.  She was unable to give us any other information on the phone this morning but had written a letter which we received yesterday(12 Nov) that said that her doctor said it could be that she was sensitive to "something on the Island" since she never had breathing issues before bootcamp, and might be able to re-enlist after a prescribed amount of time, and tests here at home.  She didn't elaborate about her hip, just saying it's ok.


Everything I have read online made me believe that the discharge process was LONG and even my daughter wrote us that there were girls in FRP who had been there a year. Can anyone give me any insight into the RSP due to injury/illness protocol?




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I'm sorry to tell you that there is no set period of time.  It depends on the injury or illness, how quickly they heal, and how quickly the paper work goes through the chain of command.  My son just told me, however, that after the doctor pronounces her fit, that there is a six week max on getting her paperwork processed.

Sarah, So sorry to hear about your daughter's illness.  My son was placed in RSP a little over a week ago and I was told that it would take at least 4 days to process the paperwork for his medical discharge.  He got sick again this past week so they had to make sure he was completely well before they would send him home. I hope your daughter gets home soon.  I know you must be anxious to see her.  I am praying that she will back with you very soon. 

I'm sorry I haven't responded here, Empty Nest (which we won't be anymore, LOL!)..talking about it just has irritated the heck out of me for some reason.   Meghan's actual move to RSP just occurred day before yesterday. She had to read from a script, give me the addy (which I'd already gotten) and was pretty much cut off when I tried to get more info. Her discharge is ELS-COG,without Board action, which, according to ppg 6103-1 of the MC Separation & Retirement Manual, should be completed within 15 working days after the Marine received notification, which was Weds, 13 Nov, when she called the first time (I hope).  Wish I knew if there's any truth to the scuttlebutt that there's a big push to get all discharges off the island who don't NEED to be on it.  HOWEVER, I did confirm something one of the Dads wrote on one of the forums last year by calling the Beaufort bus station. No discharged recruits are dropped off on holidays, Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays.  So that's where we are.  Just praying she is with us for her brother's graduation from Killer Kilo on 14 December...planning for all contingencies!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours.


Thanks, Donna & everyone, for your concern. Our Meghan has been home since Fri.,Nov. 30. Oddly she has not used an inhaler or taken the Singulair at all. But then she's hasn't been busting her hump, either.

Her training company graduated on Friday, which was very hard on her, but many girls started contacting her by Friday night, and they have all been on FB together the past 2 days. She's been showing me all their pictures.  She has been having some hip discomfort, but is going to the gym everyday to do the same exercises she was doing in phys. therapy on the Island. We go to PI next week for our son's graduation on the 14th, OOH RAH ! When we return we'll get her scheduled for pulmonary and orthopedic exams here, to see if she can apply for a waiver and try the Navy. She CANNOT go back into the Marines, per her DD214, as apparently she is allergic enough to something on PI that it triggered asthma, which had never been suspected before. If the asthma diagnosis is incorrect, she can apply for a waiver (after the hip has healed).

Again, thank you all for your support & encouragement. I hope all of your recruits heal and get OUT of FRP/MRP as soon as possible. NOT a good place to be!  Happy Holidays to you all. We are truly blessed that THIS year, our family will be together.


Nice to hear you have her home!  Thanks for the update.  Congratulations on your son!  Wishing you and your family all the best and Happy Holidays!

Hi Donna and all parents from Injured and Illness ...never thought I'd have a recruit with both! Per Donna's request, here is our son on Family Day, and my two at graduation...their covers shadowed their eyes, which are their best features! Our daughter is 22 and our new Marine will be 19 in 2 weeks. I am making a t-shirt for our daughter modified from one we saw at the MX at PI...feel free to grab it and use for your child if it applies!

Merry Christmas, and may God bless and care for each of you and your Marines/Recruits/Tried to Be's.


1~donna from wi said:


I'm sure you have some feelings of mixed blessings, but from my "outsider" perspective it is all good.  Your daughter has not needed the inhaler, she is staying in touch with her PI friends, she is exercising & she is already planning ahead for her next step(s) for the future.  Plus-- a graduation!!


Please come back & post a photo or two from Parris Island  (I'd love to see your daughter & son in a photo).



Donna (1~Donna from WI)

PM and MIL of two Marines and one civilian

Boot Camp Moderator

Standing on Psalm 91:11


Beautiful Sarah,

Thank you for sharing.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.  Hope to see you on the boards.



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