Illnesses & Injuries at Boot Camp


Illnesses & Injuries at Boot Camp

This group is a place for parents of Recruits who are injured or ill to connect and share on the OpSEC compliant, Inc. Marine Family Network Community.






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Welcome to the Illness & Injury Group

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Comment by Steffini Williams on Monday
Thank you guys so much :)!! You are a really big help! The last thing I want to do is get him in trouble\ yelled at while he's hurt lol! Things are going better today just can't wait to get my next letter :)!!
Comment by 1~donna from wi on Monday

Hi Steffini,

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's stress fracture and the delay in graduation, but he will receive excellent care in MRP.  Remind him to ask questions when he sees the doctor-- he must be his own advocate for his recovery.

What to send him?  The DIs can vary in MRP and some will allow items like candy, DVDs, etc. and others won't.  If I were in your position I would start with protein bars, word puzzles, etc. and ask him what else you can send to him, he'll let you know what he can have.

Donna (1~Donna from WI)


PM of a Sgt.

Standing on Psalm 91:11

Comment by 1~alwaysf8hful (Pam) on Sunday

YOU sound amazing!  This is going to be fine.  I though you were older because you are mature and even know how to write.  It sounds like you both are grounded and have good expectations and realizations.  I'm sorry I had to meet you this way, but I'm glad I did.

Comment by Steffini Williams on Sunday
I'm 24 and he's 25
Comment by 1~alwaysf8hful (Pam) on Sunday

How old are you?  Him?

Comment by Steffini Williams on Sunday
Thank you Pam and yes I did have a chance to look over everything :)! I will be putting something's together for him, I couldn't find a list that said what would be appropriate or not so I'm just going to stick with protein bars and things like that. He went into MRP at the right time he was able to make a second call to me yesterday because of I think he said mothers of America they brought in Easter baskets and cell phones so the recruits could make a call home for Easter. That's how I knew he was feeling pretty down! In my letters I'm always really positive to him! I live in a Coast Guard town and have made friends with a lot of the Coastie wives their husbands have given me a lot of insight on what they need during boot camp! So I try and never let him know when I'm having a weak moment! I'm so thankful for this website! It has already helped a lot! And I was able to join the group if the Co that they are thinking he will hook up with! So it's nice to talk to people that have family members that will be right there with him :)
Comment by 1~alwaysf8hful (Pam) on Sunday


I hope you've had a chance to look through some of the information I've sent you.  MRP is NOT a bad place.  It's horrible for you, because it will take longer until you get to hold your Marine, but he's in a safe place.  It sounds like a horrible accident.  I'm terribly sorry it happened.  While your husband is in MRP, he will probably be physically training as he is able.  Here is a link that will help you answer questions that you don't even know you have yet.

Your husband will make friends in MRP and have good support.  He may think that he let himself and you down.  It is imperative for you to write positive uplifting letters and let him know that this is just a different direction to his goal of becoming a Marine.  DO NOT WHINE or be sad for him.  He needs your strength.  He needs to know that he did not let you down.  YOU can bring up his morale.

You're allowed to be selfish.  That's why we're here.  This is my favorite Board because the families are incredibly strong and motivating.  This will be okay.

Keep posting.  You have great family in this group.

Comment by Steffini Williams on Sunday

Hi everyone my name is Steffini W, I got the dreaded call yesterday that my husband is being reverted due to a stress fracture in his knee and the top of his foot! I'm new to the Marine Corp neither of our families are prior service so everything is so new and over whelming for me! I was told he is going to be there for 4 wks or more until he heals and gets on with another company! Can I send him gifts in MRP like candy and care packages with word puzzles and stuff like that? Is there anyway that I can visit him!? I'm just beside myself that he's hurting and on top of that his company left for Camp P today and he's so bummed out he's being left behind! I know he will have a chance to go with another Co but his moral is pretty low right now and I just want to be with him thought this! Always hearing no news is good news when I heard his voice on the phone I immediately started crying! On top of that I know I'm being selfish but I'm so sad he won't be graduating June 13th anymore and I have to wait longer to see him! I just miss him so much and want to be in his arms again!

Comment by 1~Nanny on Saturday


Congratulations and Welcome to the Family.

No MRP is not the end for these recruits. As ~WD use to say "Just an Extra Step" Marine, and they do very well when they return to training.

Proud Rct Mom

With some TLC and her motivation, it is not the end for her either. Give her big hugs for us and tell her how Proud we are of her...AND YOU


Comment by Tammy Archambeault-Jarred on Saturday

Hello Everyone,

I have not been here in a bit, as my son left MRP several weeks ago. He returned to training after five weeks in MRP, his platoon finished the Crucible this morning; he will be graduating next week, April 25th. I am thrilled for him, it wasn't easy, but he made it. I returned to the forum, because I can relate to how many of you are feeling; worried for your recruit; hoping the best for them. I also want you to know that MRP is not the end of your recruit's military career. My son is proof of that - Keep positive thoughts and send positive thoughts to your sons and daughters, this is just a bump in the road. Also, know this forum helped me a lot, thank you Donna. 


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