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Originally posted 06/17/2007 on the RecruitParents message board by member moondollie


Phase II Questionnaire

1. During swim qualification you had to:

A. Properly execute a belly flop.
B. Demonstrate proficiency at synchronized swimming while keeping your rifle above water at all times.
C. Train in full combat gear, which includes a rifle, helmet, flak jacket and pack.
D. Engage in a game of Marco Polo.
E. Other (please explain)_____________________________________________.

2. During Pugil Stick exercises you:

A. Successfully kicked your opponents butt.
B. Your opponent successfully kicked your butt.
C. Your instructor kicked all of your butts.
D. Other (please explain)______________________________________________.

3. Recruits must qualify shooting in varied positions. Circle the correct positions.

A. Sitting
B. Kneeling
C. Armchair
D. Prone
E. Standing

4. Zeroing-In is:

A. The ability to hit the target dead center at 500 yards without using the scope.
B. The ability to group all shots within a 9 minute angle.
C. A board game.

5. Your rifle is your:

A. Weapon
B. Friend
C. One more thing I have to lug with me while marching, eating, marching, sleeping, marching, drilling, marching……….

6. At the end of Firing Week, awards are given for:

A. The most creative designs shot on the target.
B. Hitting the target.
C. Not hitting the SDI.

7. For the endurance course you had to:

A. Prepare by getting 12 hours of sleep the night before.
B. Stare nose to nose with your SDI for 5 minutes without blinking AND breaking a sweat.
C. Suck it up and push through it ….. OOHRAH!
D. Other (please explain)___________________________________________

8. After taking apart your M-16A2 rifle, how much time do you have to put it back together?

A. There is no time limit.
B. 30 seconds.
C. One minute.
D. Other (please explain)____________________________.

9. What is the purpose of a conditioning march?

A. To increase the recruits stamina and confidence.
B. To determine what kind of condition the recruit is in.
C. It has absolutely no purpose what-so-ever other than another excuse for the DI’s to torture us.

10. Drill is mainly used to:

A. Give the DI’s more excuses to yell at us when we screw up!
B. Instill discipline, team pride and unit cohesion.
C. Both A and B.

11. The Drill Instructor’s Highway is:

A. A song.
B. The aisle down the middle of the squad bay between the rows of bunk beds.
C. The name of a road at MCRD.

12. What are the “daily sevens”?

A. Seven more ways the DI’s find to make our lives miserable on a daily basis.
B. Times a day we get to break for lattes.
C. Sets of exercises.

13. What is the “daily 16”?

A. Conditioning exercises.
B. 16 more hours of the day the DI’s have to torture us.
C. The minimum number of times we can be quarter-decked each day.
D. A 16 minute power nap we take at 1PM each afternoon.
E. 16 minutes of one-on-one bonding time with the SDI.

14. Your SDI’s favorite term of endearment for you is _____________.

15. How many times now have you been quarter-decked?

A. ZERO – phew!
B. I’ve lost count.
C. I volunteer to be quarter-decked on a regular basis, so probably about a hundred by now.
D. Other __________________.

16. Which of the following is part of a General Order?

A. To walk my post in a military manner.
B. To enforce all violations.
C. To quit my post when I am good and ready.
D. To engage in chit-chat with anyone walking by.

17. Describe the Sand Pit.

A. A lovely beach area where we can sunbath, build sand castles and enjoy little umbrella drinks.
B. Another word for HELL.
C. Other (explain please)____________________________________________.

18. Now that you are at the end of Phase II, if you could pick one word to describe your boot camp experience so far, what would it be? ________________

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Replies to This Discussion

I love these questionnaires. Just got the one for phase 1 from my daughter, and will send phase 2 in a week or two. She filled in a lot of "other" answers and it was neat to get her insight and also share a little humor. I have some space left on the page. I was trying to think of what else I could ask and then I found a forum where people were discussing graduation gifts. They'll be touring the museum and hopefully she'll see something in the gift shop that she would like, so I'll just ask her about that. Thank you again. Good luck and God bless to all!

Totally agree Patty-pmar1 !! Just got our son's response to the Phase I and it was so great to see him also add in the "other" with his own insights n experiences !!

So we can print this an mail them this ? wow
WilsonJadaLayla said:

Totally agree Patty-pmar1 !! Just got our son's response to the Phase I and it was so great to see him also add in the "other" with his own insights n experiences !!

Definitely JoAnna ! I've already sent out Phase II but haven't gotten it back yet, but that's okay - I'm sure he'll have it when we see him on 11/6 !  I'm sending out the Phase III one today.  I plan to write him a few short letters so he gets them all before Crucible on Thursday . . . . Can't believe it's getting soooo close !!!

My best wishes with prayers WilsonJadaLayla when your recruit begins the Crucible. Check out the poems too.

Here is a good one for the Crucible:

1~Keri (HCC)
MFN Marine groups manager &
co-manager of Online Support Services
VPP of Sgt. M - 1MEF/1LEBn
Isaiah 41:10


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