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Hello all,

I just got my email verified and quickly found this little area where parents of Marines and future Marines can socialize. 

So, my youngest son is currently in the delayed entry program and is scheduled to start his active duty journey in July, although I feel like he started the day he visited his recruiter.  From day one his recruiter began the process of getting him ready to be a Marine.   Unlike other services or more specifically the Army, the Marines actually take an active interest in preparing our children for life in the Marines.   When I went delayed entry into the Army, it was do the testing, sign the paperwork and then nothing for 6 months until it was time to go.   Obviously since the physical requirements for the Marines is much harder to achieve it requires constant physical training to make sure they are ready.    So really from day one, our life had already changed.  At least one trip each week (usually two) to the Seaside recruiters office and twice a month we make the drive to Salinas for the IST and for Poolie functions. 

Although my Son really wanted to have a "boots on the ground" job with the Marines, he accepted a happy in between.  He will be a Combat Cameraman.  Although we do not know which specific job he will get because initially it is more an area than a specific job assigned.

I will rummage through the boards and find areas of interest, ask questions and answer a few...if I can. 

I look forward to hanging out with you folks. 


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Welcome aboard.  If you have any questions please as, the only silly question is the one that is not asked. Every member here has been where you are. There is also a "live chat "feature on the home page or look at the bottom of this screen for quick link.  some days the live chat is active other times not so much. someone will usually answer your question when they see it.

I would agree that the Marines are unlike other branches of our military.  The saying "once a Marine always a Marine" is not just a slogan it is a life style.

Again welcome aboard. Grab a seat, seat belt optional, and hang one it's about to get real.

Welcome Bleddyn to the start of your soon-to-be recruit's journey.  There are different stages of training here from Poolee to Active Duty to After the Corps.  The first step is the Poolee group. Lots of good information there to learn.  This group is located under groups (see the top of each page), then select boot camp.

Here is a direct link for the Poolee group.

For Parents of Poolees in DEP (Delayed Entry Program)

The MOS groups are located under WAB: SOI & MOS. Combat Camera is Field 46.

My best wishes for your soon-to-be recruit!

Prayers always or all who serve and have served,

Thank you folks for the welcoming.  

So, my son was originally scheduled for boot in July 2017 but....we just got the call on Friday that a position in combat cameraman opened up and he has signed the paperwork and is going to start his life in the Marines in 7 days...22 May 2017.   

Basically as soon as I turned in my leave slip for a 10 day road trip across the United States with him, the Marines call him up.      

Not sure what to do now.   7 days is not a lot of time to prepare, but he is as ready as he will ever be.   Pull ups, ammo can lifts, crunches and 1.5 mile run are already meeting the boot graduation requirements so all he can do at this point is hit the ground running and git er done.

For the last 7 years I have wore all the hats.  Teacher, Father....Friend, the Marines will take what I have taught him and turn him into a Marine/Man.

I am in a bit of a daze at the moment, but in about a week, I will suddenly have all the time I need to absorb.  

Thanks again.


"I am in a bit of a daze at the moment"

Welcome to your new normal.

And so it begins as it has for over 240 years extraordinary young men, and more recently young woman, answer a calling to be a part of something larger then themself.

The Few The Proud The Marines

I suggested the POA incase he had any legal entanglements. The Recruiters are very good about checking that stuff out. Just sometimes installment payments need to be kept up and as I am sure you know, nno business has to talk to you about his affairs.

We talked about the POA but just could not come up with a reason to get far.   Everything he has is either owned outright or is covered by me.  No auto insurance or monthly commitments or loans or really anything that we can think of.   Key words....that we can think of.    

Same with us. I never saw the reasn to have one, even when he deployed. Every family is different and I just like to bring up options.

Thanks for that.   We did not have very much time to prepare as we were mentally locked into a July departure.   Then poof, a phone call and the papers were signed, so...I am sure we are missing something, but most of it would be things we can handle along the way, after he becomes a Marine. 

You'll get it figured out, everyone does. Most important thing to stress to him is that snail mail takes time. You can expect the first few letters to take a while. If you don't get his address from the Recruiter, then it will be at least 10 days after he ships before you get it. 3 days back to him and Poof! 2-21/2 weeks gone before he hears a thing.

Now if you use Sandboxx it is faster, but you have to pay to have someone else to send them. He will have to register now for that I believe. I am not sure, it was not around when my son went through Boot.

Dianne what did "wolfdragon" say "Marines don't prepare for the unexpected, they train to control the unexpected"

yeah, Adapt, Improvise and Overcome.

Tomorro Derek spends the night in Mountain View, then MEPS.  Back home on Friday.  Monterey Bay Aquarium on Saturday. 

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