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My son is a reservist who's unit had a lot of turnover among the officers and Senior NCOs. As a result, I'm hearing that many of the young men have not had great leadership for some time. It sounds like the Junior NCOs are trying to sort out the implications for themselves. A few (more then you would think) are more or less just resigned to leaving the Corps (walking out?).

I obviously do not have access to the reams and reams of online resources. Is there anything I can pass along to my son (also a junior NCO) so he can help his buddies know the consequences and offer better solutions than just a pat on the back?

Many thanks!

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He should get a hold of the Reserve Command located in New Orleans. It is never ever a good decision to just abandon ones post as that is desertion and can haunt his furture. He would be liable for prison time, loss all benefits up to and including VA loans.

He should create a clear and percise document, giving a time line of the fracturing of the Command at his Reserve Station. It might also be a good idea to talk to JAG (legal counsel). Here re a couple of links that will help him contact Reserve Headquarters.

I had a friend ask his Reservist son, who is  a Commandant about this. He says there is not a lot he can do except ask for a transfer to another unit. You will always have fluctuation in a Command unit.

He agrees that not going to drill is a bad idea, that the Marines in question would be dishonorably discharged. Which again, would follow him the rest of his life. It means a loss of security clearance & while that may not seem like a big deal, it is.

 Even some factory jobs have back ground checks And any high level jobs invlving foreign travel can have security clearances, not to mention Gov. jobs will be out of reach.

These are good insights .... I followed up and heard the 1st Sargent when pressed said it isn't "all that bad" which sounds to me like a bit of sneaky/backwards way of getting rid of kids that he doesn't want to work with ( or he's incompetent ... Which is less likely). Really appreciate your time and feedback.  I'll be sharing it... Jason

Jason, In a normal working world, would you believe the person with 10+ years of experience or the guy with 2 years? Just sayin'

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