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I need help. My boyfriend just left for boot camp jam 31st . He is in South Carolina and I'm in nh! I have not received a letter yet. I don't have any info on graduation or what it's like or when or he said his training for his job should only be a month and a half . Should we get married after boot camp or after his job training ? And than how long after we get married do I have to wait to go live with him on base ?

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Kassandra, If he left for Boot on Jan 31st, then he is in 1st Bn (battalion), Bravo Company. His first week was spent in Receiving. This is where they are given shot, teeth are checked, dental appointments are scheduled. They get their uniforms and shoes. All their civilians items are put into storage, not to be seen again until they walk out those gates. On Friday, they met their DIs (Drill Instructors) for the first time and were formed into Platoons (Plts). Following this, they will be given form letters to fill out with their address and sent home. They may send this to whomever they like but most guys who were still living at home, will send it to their parents. I hope you know his parents and have a good relationship with them.

I will give you a link to the training matrix so you can follow along on what he is doing.

Now, there are many resources available to you through this site. You can follow along on our old boards, get weekly updates, ask question. There is also a facebook group for his plt. It's link can be found on the 1st Bn page;

You will need to scroll down for the links, down past the red t-shirts. The facebook links are in blue, additional links are in gray.

There is also a facebook group just especially for young women like you. I cannot post the link but I can put you in touch with someone who can get you connected. lol Her name is Jesenia, and she has a Rct at Parris Island who unfortunately is injured. She is looking at a tough time, months more than normal. Here is the link to her page.

Under her avatar, there will be a "ADD AS A  FRIEND" button, click on that. She will have to get back to you, accept the friend request, but they you can "e-mail" or "in-box" each other, keeping links off the boards which is a violation of this site.

There is also live chat, look to the bottom right hand of this page. You can talk real time to some of the mostly Moms but there are a few Dads that hang around, shooting the breeze.

As to the marriage questio, I cannot answer this. I don't know enough about you, your situation to give any advice. What I can give you is a timeline.

He will be in Boot for 13 weeks. Then he comes home for 10 days, after which he will report to Camp Geiger for 29 days for MCT (Marine Combat Training). Upon complition of MCT he immediately gets on a bus & is taken to his MOS (military occupational specialty) school. After he completes that training, he is then assigned his PDS (Permanent Duty Station). That is where it can get tricky. Because he can be assigned over seas and those orders will be "unaccompanied", meaning, you cannot go along. An overseas PDS is for 2 years. All this can be made to work depending on the people involved. It will be hard, maybe one of the hardest things you have ever done, but it is up to the 2 of you to decide. Good Luck & keep us posted.

Well he lives with his aunt and we do keep in contact and she always checks her mail and nothing yet. And it makes no sense for him to be in first bin if he left than cause than it doesn't say that ship day or the graduation day . I'm glad their doing all that first week that's great. I'm more into when I can see him again. His aunt already sent me a picture of his matrix training which if I'm right it reads 70 days correct me if I'm wrong? And boot camp is 90 days. Anyways he said his training would only be a month and a half after boot camp I guess he's wrong if he has to do combat training. So with his warehouse job that he was promised. I don't think he'll be over seas he didn't choose to be a sea person or flying person of that makes sense ? This is all over whelming and I don't wanna lose us while losing myself in this situation.

Breathe, honey breathe!

Take this 1 step at a time.

The letter will be coming. Snail mail takes time. It is the hardest thing to get adjusted to, but if you start writing now, then you will have a stack of letters ready to go out when it comes.

Now about the first Bn, thing, to find his Grad date listed, you need to keep scrolling down, it will have his April Grade date listed. 

And the rest of this will all fall in place. He doesn't have much of a choice where he is assigned. He will go where they tell him to go and yes, they have wharehouse/shipping people at every base and that means overseas is a possibility. 

You are correct, boot is 90 days, I wonder if the matrix she has had been cut off? Did you look at the link I sent you?

Hang in there. You are doing fine. 

Read this blog written by a girlfriend,. I think it might help a little.

Yes I looked at every link you sent me maybe 5 times now. It's just hard. I'm sick of the tears and not knowing anything. But I'll gonna go back and see if I see his grad date. Thank you.
That's so funny I've read her blog way before I even posted this discussion way ahead of you sir lol.

so you do know his Grad date? I can get you the correct link using that.

No cause it doesn't say for the ship date of Jan 31 the only one in April is towards the end ?
Or April 7th but he's not in alpha. You said

He will graduate 13 fridays after he ships. Unless I have counted wrong and lord knows that has happened more than once, he will graduate April 28th. Which makes him Bravo. Check with his Aunt on Thurs or Friday and see if she has gotten the form letter yet. The other option is she could contact his recruiter and see if he will get her the address.

Okay I will. So graduation is a three day step starting early wensday till Friday like family day and all. Do you have to be there all three days or just the Friday ? And we'd have to stay at a hotel right ?

You can go on Wed, do a dinner with other parents, take a tour of the base, help pack SAM bags. Thurs is Family day were you get to spend 4-5 hours talk to & just being in the company of your new Marine. Friday is Graduation. He is free to leave the island right after Graduation. You may attend as many or as few as you would like. Here is a link to the schedule for those days.

He will most likely send this information home in the next month or so. Once you get his address I would also reccomend that he be reminded to order his dress blue pictures and possibly his year book. He will difinitely want the Graduation DVD. It has the Pass & Review (graduation), the Moto Run and the EGA ceremony.

You can stay at a hotel or rent a house, stay with friends. I am afraid you may not stay in billeting as you are not married to him and I don't know just how they would classify his Aunt. Sorry.

But you can look around now, see what you can find. Just ask about their cancellation policy. Because as Jesenia can tell you, things don't always go as planned.

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